Fur collar, stripes, and another Christmas outfit

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Are you tired of red and green yet? Because I have yet to find an end to festively themed outfits this month! Though it was 0 degrees Celsius out, I had to run out to shoot this outfit. Not only did I score this adorable red and white striped top in a recent thrifting trip, but I also am finally styling these glorious polka dot heels!

I found these heels months ago on Ebay and was immediately taken in by the style. The polka dots on the heels, the little decorative bows, the retro feel, and the fact that they were the same brand as an incredibly comfortable pair of heels I own all sold me immediately. But I was a bit low on my clothing budget that month, so I considered for a while and, knowing they were used shoes, finally offered $10 for them, almost certain that the seller would turn my offer away. I was offering nearly half the price, after all!Festive | eyreeffect.comFestive |

To my surprise, after nearly 24 hours, the seller accepted my offer! The shoes arrived surprisingly fast; I think I paid on a Friday and they arrived Monday. And they are glorious. I have been waiting for the perfect outfit to style them with. This month seemed like a good month to break out the super fancy shoes!

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I cannot believe that Christmas is less than a week away.

I’ve only just started to make all of the Christmas gifts I want to make for my family and friends; to say I am a procrastinator is an understatement! Because my love language is gift giving, I feel like I need to make everyone a gift. But my nieces and nephews will likely get one thing they can ALL play with, and I’m only making individual gifts for my siblings, parents, and in-laws. That narrows it down from 25 gifts to 14. Still a fairly big number given the days left, but I’m feeling pretty good about it. And, a few of the gifts won’t be finished by Christmas as I won’t see friends until afterwards.  Festive | eyreeffect.comFestive |

Of course, this number doesn’t account for the things I also am making and finishing up for my husband.

Yes. I am a last-minute person. This is why I have never been good at planning blog posts. While I have improved vastly at getting photos long before I need them (this outfit was shot a week ago rather than the old “get photos the day I need them” routine), I still tend to write posts the morning they go live. Or, if I’m doing good, the night before. Festive |

What can I say? I work well under pressure. Ha!

I hope you are all finished with your Christmas gift making or shopping. I know it can be pretty stressful for some people to have unfinished shopping or crafting to do! I haven’t actually wrapped any of the gifts I do have done to put under our tree. Maybe someday I will be quicker about it, but I’m not too worried. With little kids who likely would rip up the packages as soon as they were out, I’d rather get them wrapped and set under the tree on Christmas Eve. Festive | eyreeffect.comFestive |

This year will be especially exciting for us, as Asa is finally old enough to really get into it. He loves Christmas trees, and has been pointing out Santa (although he doesn’t really know what Santa DOES and we probably won’t teach him that), and is getting excited to open presents. He helped us pick out and decorate our tree. And I want to read him the story of Christ’s birth, maybe painting a picture of the manger since we don’t have a nativity set yet.

We still haven’t picked up any set Christmas traditions, but now that Asa is older I think we’ll start. What are your traditions?

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  • SaraLily

    Hey, we kind of match in our blog posts from the 19th (yours) and the 20th (mine). Aren’t we just adorably festive twins?? I say it’s always worth stepping outside to shoot some photos even when it is freezing – if you look good, why the heck not. I figure, it only takes 20min or so to snap some pics, why not? You can thaw out inside under a blanket when you’re done 😉

  • ShyScout

    You look sunning! Such a great find with those heels, they are perfect with this outfit :]

    My family has sort of let out holiday traditions slide, but I am excited to start them back up again some day when I have a family of my own. One of my favorite traditions was driving out to the middle of nowhere to track down the perfect tree, spiced cider, and decorating the tree to xmas tunes.

  • Marie McGrath

    This outfit looks SOOO pretty on you! I always have the hardest time mixing red and green together for the holidays, but you make it look so easy!!! I’m a pretty last minute person too, so I totally get where you are coming from 😉