Flowering into Spring

2 I risked death for these pictures.

Okay, so that might be exaggerating. But there was a very big bee that kept swarming around my head, and it was all I could do not to run away in fear. Well… walk away slowly in fear. Because running means you get stung. It was very dangerous.

Ha!  4 And then the neighbor got home while I was taking photos, and this tree is in full view of her house and only about fifty feet from where she parks. So that was awkward. Despite the fact that absolutely no strangers have ever questioned what I was doing, and most people act like it’s totally normal for me to be out with a tripod taking pictures of myself, I still hate being seen while taking pictures.

But then someone came to take pictures with me, and he made it all better. 7 I love this cat. I will really miss him when we move to a new place! He’s the sweetest, fluffiest kitty. Although, maybe we’ll find a place that allows animals and then we can get our own cat.  6 We get to move in 26 days. No idea where we’re going to go yet, but we’re searching hard for a bigger house that’s still affordable. Sadly, with the way insurance rates are going up, our paychecks seem to be getting smaller and smaller and it sucks. But we’ll live!

I’m really hoping we can find a two bedroom house (or a house with an alcove for the baby) with lots of natural light, an actual bathtub (all we have is a teeny tiny shower right now — I barely fit in it when I was pregnant, hahaha!), separate rooms (our entire downstairs is just one rectangular room), and maybe closer to my favorite thrift stores. But you know, that last one isn’t important. Hehe. 8

We’re sort of widening where we want to live since it’s difficult to find affordable places around where we are now, so we might be moving further away from family, but hey! It’s an experience. It might be fun to discover a new area!

5 9 So I finally started watching Glee, because I needed something to play in the background while I worked… annnd… I’m hooked. I absolutely love musicals, and I have to admit I like the storylines. Ah, drama. I’m a total girl.

I even get emotional over certain episodes, dang it! Haha, sitting here on the couch almost crying while I work. It’s a good thing I work from home. Mr. Owl would be shaking his head at me!12 13 14 Oh, that kitty. Isn’t he just the cutest?  15 SO fluffy!10

Dress (similar pattern), sunglasses, belt, and scarf (Similar): Thrifted | JC Penney boots (similar)

Happy Friday! Do you all have any fun plans for the weekend? I’m taking pictures of my cousin’s ADORABLE baby tomorrow; I can’t wait! It’ll be the first newborn session I’ve ever done, and I hope it all goes well!

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  • Salazar

    The photos are gorgeous! Well worth risking being stung, I’d say.

    Oh God, you started Glee? I was hooked during the first season as well, but I got bored with the second season and around the third season, I found myself straining not to throw my shoes at the TV, so I stopped watching halfway through. But I’m never a big musical fan to begin with, so maybe you’ll love all of it.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Haha, yes, I did. I have to find shows I don’t actually need to pay much attention to while I work, otherwise I get way too distracted. Glee is interesting enough that it’s nice to have on, but not so involved that I have to be paying a lot of attention to know what’s going on. Hehe. And I MIGHT just like it for the songs… 😀

  • Becca Lee

    I love this photo set SO much! You look gorgeous, that tree is amazing, and that cat is so dang cute. I hope you can get a pet wherever you move next. They make such sweet little friends.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog