Floral Vintage Dress, an Enid Collins Twin, and a Vintage Day Out

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Cooper of California

Last weekend, my best friend took me out for lunch and a vintage shopping adventure for my birthday. I always feel like I have to dress vintage to go to actual vintage boutiques, so I wore this gorgeous 1950’s day dress from A Petite Flower Vintage, my new favorite purse that belonged to my great-uncle’s aunt, and a bracelet that I think may be vintage.

After visiting one vintage store (whose items were incredibly reasonably priced — I got a perfect-condition 1950’s dress for $24, and my BFF bought me another for $28), we decided to go to a second one that had been recommended to Ashton by a friend who knows she loves vintage. Almost as soon as we walked in, the proprietor — an older woman who seemed to be more in love with the knowledge of her vintage items than the beauty of the garments themselves — eyed my purse and confidently said, “oh, that’s an Enid Collins purse.”

When I shook my head and told her that it wasn’t, she doubtfully eyed me, and then took the purse from my hands.

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The 1950’s Housewife Project: very belated last days

The 1950’s Housewife: Conclusion

I realize this post is about three weeks late. But I wanted to finally update you with the last three days of the 1950’s Housewife project. I don’t remember a LOT of those three days, so this will be a short post but I needed to share it before I got so caught up with all of my other plans that the ending to this project got lost!

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Happy 29


There are so many things flitting through my mind about turning 29. What I want to accomplish, what I’ve done in the last year, life so far… but this morning as I sit in my new favorite dress, all I really want to talk about is pretty clothes. Specifically, the aforementioned new favorite dress.

I had been eyeing this fruit-and-nut print 1950’s dress from Thriftology 101 for a while. At least six months, if not more! Its colors and pattern were so gorgeous, but for some reason I simply put it on my wishlist, and hoped perhaps it would be a birthday present. Fast-forward to now, when I knew my husband wasn’t going to get it for me, so I bought it for myself.

And I am so glad I did. It is the perfect birthday outfit, the perfect shirtwaist dress, the perfect print. It’s even better than I had hoped it would be! Donning this beauty for my 29th birthday made the day even brighter!

On Growing Older

I feel like thirty is an age many people dread as they grow closer to the age. It’s the age when women seem to start lying about how old they are, when you’re considered a real adult, when “middle age” is just a few more years away. In the culture of eternal youth, in which we are constantly chasing a young appearance, young mannerisms, young clothing, I seem to be one of the odd ones, who looks forward to age and wisdom and establishment in getting older.

I am excited to be older. I can’t wait for thirty! Sure, I have the beginnings of wrinkles around my eyes now, and I don’t have the body I had at 22, but I feel as though I’m so much more confident in so many ways now. I’m happily married, I have two crazy and wonderful kids, I have my dream wardrobe, and I have grown so much in my talents and abilities as a photographer, a writer, and a blogger.

And of course it has to be said: the older I get, the less I feel like I’m really aging. In my head, I stopped somewhere around 25. As they say, you’re only as old as you feel, right?     

I really would not want to remain the person I was ten years ago.

For one, I was so unsure of myself then, and so insecure about so many things. For two, I didn’t have the wardrobe I have now, ha! And for three… there’s just something comfortable about this age. Something secure and undemanding. I’m not constantly trying to be someone that other people want me to be. I can be myself, and if people don’t like it… that’s fine with me. While I certainly would prefer that everyone like me, I don’t need everyone to like me the way I did ten years ago. 

Wishes For The Future

This next year, my biggest goal is to finish writing a novel, any novel, and get it published. I don’t want to turn thirty without ever having done the thing I’ve worked towards for almost fifteen years. Of course there are other things I’d like to accomplish, but that is what I am going to focus all of my spare energy on.

I know I could self-publish. It’s been suggested to me so many times. But there’s something about pursuing a traditional publishing company that feels so much more legitimate to me, so I think that’s what I’ll try, once I have a novel worth submitting. As in, once I’ve actually finished writing something. Ha!

Thank you, everyone who has made my birthday so far a wonderful day! My parents, who brought both breakfast and lunch, Beth at Thriftology101, who sent me an apron after she found out today was my birthday (and from whom I bought this dress!), Sara Lily, who sent an amazing apple-print dress and whose friendship is irreplaceable, Hannah, from whom I just opened a box of adorable goodies (a strawberry purse!!!), and so many others.

29 is going to be a wonderful year!

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A Reality Check

The Winds of Change

Tomorrow, I turn 29.

I’ve been thinking about all the things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 30 next year: publish a novel, reach my health goals, see more of Washington, make healthier habits… and one thing that came to the forefront of my mind today was blogging. How I want to change blogging, what I’m trying to do with it, how it’s been going in the last year or so.

Ever since re-branding last year, I’ve noticed myself changing the way I blog. I went from daily outfits, everyday style, and practicality to super glam, super vintage, and super made up. I started to feel like every outfit had to be perfect, every hair had to be in place, my makeup had to be done to the max… and it got a bit stressful. I struggle now to even post twice a week, with a three year old and a 1.5 year old in tow, trying to get hair and makeup done in time for the light to be good, wondering whether I should find a location outside of my yard.

As I blogged, I was trying to climb some ladder to put myself up there with vintage blogs I admire, like Nora Finds, Southern California Belle, Junebugs and Georgia Peaches, and more. I was trying to be another one of those really glamorous vintage/pinup gals, because… that’s what I felt I needed to be in order for blogging to be a satisfying experience and a successful one. I got caught up in the perfect blogging formulas – SEO and good titles and flawless photography — and got overwhelmed.

And I noticed that as I strove to post perfect outfits, I began to sink into wearing yoga pants even more from day-to-day. I started to dread “having” to do a photoshoot, “having” to put on makeup and do my hair, “having” to put a high-vintage-fashion outfit together.

Then yesterday, I made a video tour of my vintage wardrobe. In my closet I have upwards of 80 vintage dresses, from the 1940’s to the 1970’s (and two 80’s.) I watched that video over and just thought… wow. I have my dream wardrobe right now. I could go nearly 3 full months without repeating a single outfit just wearing dresses. Ten years ago, I thought that vintage was totally out of my reach, yet here I am now with the majority of my closet being beautiful 1950’s day dresses.

And as I watched them, and felt happiness swell at all the pretty prints and precise cuts, I realized I’m not blogging the way I really want to blog.

When I started blogging, I blogged every day. I didn’t worry about how perfect my outfit was, I didn’t always have the best hairstyles or perfect makeup; I just shared what I wore every day. And what I wore for the blog, I wore in real life, too. It certainly wasn’t the most polished blog, but it was fun. I had fun, because I got to share my daily style, get inspiration from others, and just show how I dressed cute while still being practical.

I didn’t take myself too seriously. And I think in the aspiration to grow my blog as a part-time job — something I’d still love to happen — I forgot that blogging was just for fun.

So going forward, I may start blogging daily, or at least as often as I can when I have photos to share. My outfits may not be as polished, I’ll probably blog more days with my hair in a bun or tied up in a scarf than down in a perfect pinup coiffure, but that’s what I want to do. It’s what I have always loved: sharing how to dress vintage (or vintage inspired) while still being practical.

I’m a mother of two small children. I spill coffee on myself daily. I’ve got smudgy fingers touching me all the time. While I also go full-glam on occasion and I love creating that glamorous look and the story behind it, it’s not the everyday me. It’s not the me who started this blog solely on her love for experimenting with fashion. It’s not the me who often spills on herself, laughs at herself, and purposefully buys machine-washable vintage because she doesn’t have the time to hand-wash everything.

I’m the blogger who can’t even keep her nails painted after 29 years of living.

I hope you all will enjoy the more relaxed blogging; I know many of you really love it when I’m more “natural” and not quite so done up. And I do, too. I love being glam, but I also want to share how everyday vintage and everyday glam don’t have to be all fake eyelashes and perfectly curled hair.

So here’s to taking a chill pill, to putting less pressure on myself to get it perfect all the time, and to just enjoying fashion with abandon.

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My Milkshakes Bring In a Nutshell Blog to the Yard

Dangerfield Milkshakes

As you all saw about a month ago, Sara Lily came into town! We of course took advantage of her presence to take multiple photoshoots, and I wish we had had time to get more because. I love this girl. As you’ll see in these pictures, it is neverending fun with her! This time around, we decided to coordinate our Dangerfield pieces – her, in a milkshake dress, and me in my milkshake skirt. We both got these items around the same time, and it just had to happen!

I wish I could take all of my photoshoots with Sara. We had the best time, and it made me feel a bit less self-conscious to have her by my side, both of us mugging for the camera.

It also made shots like the above possible… for the most part! I was wearing a corset for the photos, and to get the above picture, had to lay on my back on a stump with my feet in the air. Thankfully, there was a building behind me to cover any indiscreet flashing I may have done, but oh my. There was a lot of huffing and puffing and groaning. Let me tell you, laying on a stump with your feet in the air while wearing a corset and a skirt and a vintage hat… it’s not easy.

But it was worth it!

Working Together

Sara also helped me figure out how to better take photos with other people. You know, when you’re in a group photo and you have no idea what to do with yourself? That’s me literally any time I try taking photos with others. But Sara is a pro, and kept her composure even when I could not.

Well. Most of the time.

We made quite the spectacle while taking photos, I know; at one point, a woman came up and said we should go pose by an old car that was in the parking lot. But by the time we left, it was gone, and we didn’t get to see what she was talking about. We got plenty of stares from moms and dads and kids, since we were at a park, and lots of smiles too.

I hope she comes back really soon. Don’t forget to go visit her blog on Thursday, when she shares her side of the photos! And just visit her blog anyway, because she is a fantastic woman and she deserves all the love!

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