In which I climb a tree, discard my shoes, and crave chocolate.

You know, because that’s just what you do in a dress. Right? Anyone? Hmm. Must just be me, then.

I felt like a gypsy in this dress, until I started climbing the tree. Then, I decided that it was “pretend to  be a faerie” time. And also “pretend to be graceful and fail” time. Oh, and also “climb a tree in a dress that has an awkwardly short lining while pretending it’s not awkward,” and “be glad nobody’s home to see you climbing a tree in a dress and almost exposing your bum,” and “accumulate two stubbed toes and one very scraped-up wrist” time.

But now that I’ve taken pictures in this tree, I don’t want to take pictures anywhere else. I love this tree. I am now expert at launching myself into this tree before the ten-second timer goes off on my camera. And I also know that the ground is not as far away as it looks. But that it’s probably not a good idea to jump out of the tree in a dress, because there are little stubby branches that like to catch the hem of said dress.

Like I said: it’s a good thing nobody was home.

At least the pictures turned out pretty, right?

I think that getting up at 2:55am to work boosts my creativity. (Or is that my insanity?)

I am wearing this dress for two reasons: one, I was browsing blogs and came across Clothed Much’s rule-breaking Monday post, which reminded me that as a girl with fuller hips I should really be wearing a dress that accents my waist, not a trapeze dress…and two, I’m lazy and tired and it’s going to be hot and I wanted to wear something that required very little styling, was light, and was comfortable enough to nap in, should the need overtake me.

It’s perfect, right?

I think I could live in this tree.

Except I’d probably end up doing this about fifty times a day:

(That’s me falling. And barely escaping death. (<– that’s me being overdramatic like a girl.)) I probably wouldn’t make the best faerie.

So I’ve been using L’Oreal’s Go 360 Clean for about two weeks now– here’s a reminder of how bad my skin was two weeks ago— and this morning I woke up and decided I wasn’t going to wear foundation.

Yeah, that’s right. I have no foundation on. And I don’t feel like I need foundation. That hasn’t happened in a very long time. Of course, my skin isn’t completely blemish-free yet, but this is the closest it’s been in years. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go eat a Lindor Truffle.

Have a beautiful  Monday!

details: Dress: given to me by a friend, jewelry: too old to remember. Approximate outfit cost: pretty much free.


  • Jennifer

    Classic beauty as always. Amazing dress and earrings. Too cute!!

    Even a faerie loses her footing now and again. If not, they couldn’t be caught. 😉

    The L’Oreal Go 360 Clean looks like it works quite well. No better advertisement than someone actually using and having amazing results. No foundation needed!!

    • Mara

      Thank you! These are some of my favorite earrings that I always forget to wear.

      Haha, or in my case it’s every other minute. 😀

      I am actually surprised at how well the L’Oreal Go 360 Clean is working. Most cleansers only seem like they’re going to improve my skin, and then quit working after a week, but my skin has just been getting better and better the more I use this one. I’m hoping it’ll continue to work, and that I’ll soon not have blemishes at all.

  • Arathi

    You look so lovely, bird! Also, I have had my fair share of climbing-trees-in-dresses experiences. Isn’t it fun, though? I owe you an email reply that will be coming very soon! Love love.

  • Demy

    Hi!! SO beautiful pics! You look ethereal (I feel like Shakespeare when I say this word lol)! You could make a tree house or you could make in the tree’s foliage a huge nest hahahah!!! And when you’d have babies, they would grow up like that:,r:2,s:0&biw=1366&bih=537 Haha, I’m so stupid 😛
    Anyway you look really pretty! The dress’ (it’s dress’ or dress’s? I think it’s dress’. Anyways!) print and details are so beautiful! And the earrings WOW!! They make you a true gypsy! Stunning!
    This cleanser is so freaking amazing! I can see the change on your face. I’m gonna try it as well, because lately I have many pimples 🙁 May I ask how much it costed?? The results are obvious, though, so I wouldn’t mind paying lol 😀
    Happy happy August! Bye!

    • Mara

      Hello, dear! Thank you!
      I laughed at the babies. Hehehe. That would be SO cute, though… wouldn’t it? If it was possible? 😀

      It’s “Dress’s” (The rule about apostrophes with s’s is so confusing sometimes. Sigh.)

      Oh, of course you can ask! On this blog where I price everything. 😉 It was only $5 where I got it, but you can find it here for $7: And the biggest reason I bought it, other than reading that it worked well, was that it was so cheap! I hope it works as well for you.

  • Elana

    Can I just say that I love your dress? Yes? Thank you! I lurrrrrve your dress! 😉
    I’m glad you found a cleanser that works for you! I know just how that feels – I have had bad breakouts since years ago. Until, little more than a year ago, my mum finally managed to drag me to the doctor. I was complaining all the way there about how I don’t want to drink hormone pills and supplements and such like, until we actually got there and I found out about all the kinds of smear-on stuff that he could prescribe that doesn’t have hormones and antibiotics! Well. Since then I’ve had clear skin! 😀
    Enjoy your tree-climbing! 😉

    • Mara

      Yes. You can. You’re welcome. 😀 Thank you.

      I hate taking pills, so I can definitely relate to that! I’m glad you found something that wasn’t a pill or supplement. Having clear skin is so nice, and you have a beautiful complexion!

  • Georgia

    I love this post Mara. You’re so adorkable =3
    I shall definitely have to try this L’Oreal Go 360 sounds like a good product! I have a lot of problems with blemishes myself, and despite all it’s bragging, Proactiv does NOTHING. So I may just have to go get some when I’m in town next.
    Oh, and I’m jealous of you being able to wear shift dresses. They’re so pretty, but when I wear them I look pregnant 🙁

    • Mara

      Hehehe. Thank you.
      Do try it! So far it’s lived past my expectations– I haven’t even been using it faithfully EVERY day, although I try, and I notice my skin just looks all around better every time I use it.
      I’ve never heard good things about Proactiv, sadly. One of my friends used it for years and it never cleared up her acne. It did bleach her towels, though.

      I think you just have to choose the right shift dress! I can’t wear close-fitting pencil-type dresses because my proportions aren’t even. So if they fit my hips, they’re way too big on top, and if they fit my top they usually won’t even go over my hips. 🙂

  • sarah

    Mara mara mara. You are gorgeous… I do enjoy this dress on you and despite you having “fuller hips” whcih I can NEVER SEE because you hide them so well..trapeze dress is actually quite graceful. favourite part…im sorry that falling picture is epic. I love that you posted it. It makes me love you even more. 🙂 xx

  • Jamie Rose

    I want a Lindor truffle now! I could really go for some chocolate. You look really pretty up in that tree with the pink dress on. It’s really cute on you.