One of the things that I always find myself doing when I get dressed is thinking about how to avoid looking “American”… and whether or not my outfit looks British. You see… I sort of might just want to fool people into thinking I amΒ British. Let’s face it. Americans don’t really have a very good reputation.

That, and American style is so… not me. It’s all angles and minimalism and cowboy and new and preppy. And I’m not any of those things. British style, on the other hand– at least, the British style I want to emulate– is delicate florals and old lace and cardigans and scarves and lockets… and while I know that’s not allΒ that British style is, that’s the style I want and that’s the style that Americans don’t have. There’s just a certain way that my favorite British fashion bloggers style themselves that the American ones (who I love, too, don’t get me wrong) sort of… copy but don’t quite get.

I think it’s a vintage quality, a ladylike quality, a… I don’t know. It reminds me of teacups and antique stores. At any rate, I really, really wanted to emulate the style I love today… and I really wanted to wear florals, but it wasn’t working. At all. This was the best I could do. (My headscarf is floral. You just can’t really tell.)

And I might change. It’s going to be ghastly in the shop today– the weather never gets unbearably hot here, but when you put us in a small, enclosed space with an espresso machine and steam wands, it gets pretty darn miserable in any kind of layers– Β and I might wear shorts. And that floral shirt I wanted to wear. Although I haven’t figured out how to do shorts the way I want to do shorts yet. I’ll get there eventually.

The above, by the way, is me falling off of the short ledge I was standing on. This is one of the few recorded instances where my accidents actually work for good.

I feel like there was more that I was going to say, but I’m getting hungry and suddenly (while I do love you all) blogging is not as important as eating. Not that it ever hasΒ been as important as eating… but… you know.

Another by the way: how do you like my fake wedding ring? Looks real, right? It’s definitely not something I want whenever I am really engaged/married, but I think it’s pretty. And fun to wear.

Behold: the shoes I would wear today if I didn’t have to work. Unfortunately, it’s not wise to wear heels when you have five hours of standing ahead.

I haven’t eaten breakfast today (I know. I’m bad at this), so you can all scold me for it. But I’m going to eat lunch! Healthy lunch! And I’ve lost two pounds. Which is lovely. I’m two pounds closer to fitting into that yellow roses dress that I probably shouldn’t have bought that may actually never fit me. That I might sell if I reach my goal and it still doesn’t fit.

Or I could exercise my sewing skills (ha!) and let the seams out a little.

But who wants to sew, anyway?

I hope you all have a beautiful Thursday!

Details: Shirt($3.99), dress ($8), and brooch($5.99), thrifted; shoes, too old to remember; wedding ring and scarf, acquired from people in my youth; turquoise ring, belonged to my mother. Approximate outfit cost: $17.98


  • Georgia

    Loving the outfit Mara! The wedding ring looks real to me!
    By the way, did you get my email? Maybe it ended up in your spam folder again, lol!

    • Mara

      I did get your email! I’m just slacking in the email territory, and really the only time I’ve been able to spend online lately has been spent blogging and not much else! Cuz I’m a slow person like that.

    • Mara

      That’s sort of what I was saying– the British influence I wanted to show up in this outfit didn’t actually show up. Ah well. Thanks!

  • gee

    i understand what you are saying. πŸ™‚
    i defiantly would love to look like i work in a really old antique store and wear florals and big cardigans for the rest of my life. i also would love to own an antique store as well. πŸ˜›
    you really look beautiful.

  • Demy

    HI! I can assure you that your style is indeed kinda British, it’s definitely not merican, but I’m not sure it’s entirely British, because there are a few French accents. And you know what’s the best? I don’t dress the same way with you, but for some weird reason, your blog is always one of the blogs I check out when I don’t know what to wear! You’ve given me many great ideas. The way you combine pieces. Look at you in this outfit! Polka dots and florals, print mixing! And the blue shirt? LOVE!! It makes this outfit a little more…day-ish? No. Daily? Anyway, I mean it’s better for morning lol! And of course another reason why I love your blog is that I can practice my English πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    The wedding ring is so beautiful! Really really really beautiful! You can even wear it everyday. Just because of its beauty πŸ™‚ Oh and the shoes are great! I don’t think I’ve seen them before, have I? Maybe I have, whatevs. They’re pretty and they look good with the red nails!
    Btw, I’m guilty too. I too didn’t have breakfast these days :S But, today my summer lessons end (YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!) and I’ll try to it more healthily. Yeah, alright. CONGRATS on the two pounds. Your body is perfect. I believe it. And if this dress doesn’t fit, ignore it. Or sew it, because it’s pretty lol πŸ˜›
    And I wanted to ask: Have you read ‘The Tea Rose’ by Jennifer Donnely? I’m sure you’re gonna love this book.
    That’s all. Ranting like always! Byeeee! πŸ˜‰ xx

    • Mara

      I think my style is just a mishmash of things. Aw! I’m glad I sort of inspire ideas for you! I find that’s the same with me– I don’t necessarily always dress like the bloggers who inspire me, but I find inspiration in them all the same. πŸ˜€

      Isn’t it pretty? I SO want to wear it every day. I don’t think you have seen the shoes– I haven’t worn them in ages, and I’m pretty sure that the last time I wore them it was… before you started reading.

      We’re terrible about eating breakfast! I really need to just make up a menu for my week of breakfasts, that way I have a list to go to every morning instead of standing in the kitchen trying to decide what to eat.

      I haven’t read it! I will put it on my list!

  • audrey

    i love this outfit! very rosie-the-riveter, which i know is pretty much the DEFINITION of american, but in the best way possible, right? congratulations on the lost lbs – i haven’t bought a scale yet because i fear it becoming an obsession, but it would be nice to be able to celebrate those victories. . . you look fabulous!

    • Mara

      That’s true! That is a good definition of American.
      Haha, it is definitely nice to celebrate little victories, so long as it doesn’t become an obsession! I rarely weigh myself, so every once in a while it’s nice to get on the scale and be pleasantly surprised. Thank you!

  • Stephanie

    Cute outfit. I really like the blue, and I love the shoes. I can definantly see how you wouldn’t want to wear them to work, although Im surprised you are allowed. The resturaunt I used to work at only allowed closed, black work-type shoes.

    I also thought I’d ask your oppinion on something. I was recently given a top, because my sister didn’t want it anymore. Its one of those lace cropped ones that were all the rage last year, and were worn over a longer shirt (Example link at the end). The material is a really nice blue lace, but I don’t really like the style. I was thinking of making a nice vest out of it, but I’m not really sure how to do it (design wise, I mean). You have really great taste, so I was wondering if you have any ideas.

    Here is the example link:

    • Mara

      I think it’s just the style I like the best out of all the different fashion bloggers I’ve seen– my favorites are usually British or Australian, and they have that ladylike, floral… sort of 1930’s housewife vibe, and I love it.

      • Stephanie

        Unfortunately, fashion in my part of Australia is not like that at all. Its all thongs, shorts and Hawaiian prints… not so inspirational. I agree with you though, that style you’ve mentioned is pretty awesome.

  • sarah

    Ahhh you are beautiful ,….I hope this does not come off as creepy but you have sexy feet!!!!!! ahahhaah. Oh dear. Did I just say that, but your feet are very elegant and lovely. Not that I have a foot fetish or anything..its just something that I’ve notcied in your posts and felt compelled to say. xoxo i hope you still talk to me after this comment πŸ˜‰

  • KBlue

    I just found you through Shana’s blog… and I’m so glad! I love your look and your style and your writing. You are adorable and I’m loving this outfit so much. Beautiful!