Fashion,  Scarf challenge

I’ve been doing this for longer than I thought.

I was making a Facebook album of my scarf-a-day pictures, and I realized that I’ve been doing this for three days longer than I thought I had. Here I was thinking yesterday’s outfit was day ten and all the while… it’s thirteen. But two of those don’t really count because I wore two scarves twice without noticing it.

Not that that’s a bad thing. It just means I have more scarves to conquer.

I have to say, this may be one of my favorite outfits of the scarf challenge so far. I woke up at 6:30 yesterday morning thinking I had a good amount of time to get ready, and then suddenly it was 7:35, I had to leave for work in five minutes, and I still wasn’t dressed. Thank goodness I had at least put on my makeup.

So I threw on the basics of this outfit– minus the scarf and the shoes– and ran out the door. It’s funny what a pair of shoes and scarf can do to an outfit that I had otherwise thought was… eh.

Unfortunately, most of yesterday’s pictures consist of me jumping.

And I have discovered that I am a very awkward jumper.

Let’s just say that I’m someone who is much better photographed while standing still.

(And let’s also say this: I, who cannot close a car door without hitting myself and producing massive bruises, should know better than to jump on a downhill, rock-covered driveway in high heels. It’s a miracle I didn’t sprain an ankle or break a limb.)

I have to say: I am in love with my tights, and I am in love with my shoes. I’ve been yearning for tights weather for so long, and then I was going through my bloglovin’ posts the other day and I came across a blogger wearing sweater-tights (I can’t remember who it was! AGH!) and I decided then and there that I was going to find the closest thing I could to hers, and wear them to death. Thank goodness Target’s selling tights again.

Also, this scarf? Most beautiful scarf I’ve ever found at the thrift store.

*correction: the shoes were $5.99.

I’m trying out a different way of listing the outfit details. What do you think? I like this much better than listing the prices and places at the end of my posts or beneath a picture. I’ve also redone the follow buttons and the “hi, I’m me” thing on the side, so now it’s all my doing instead of buttons I’ve gotten from Bloglovin’ or Twitter. I still have  to make a few more, but I’m quite satisfied with the way the ones I’ve made look.

I love designing my blog. It’s so much fun!

Well, I just heard the glorious sound of my coffee beeping to let me know it’s done brewing. That’s my signal to vamoose.

I hope you all have a beautiful Friday, and happy weekend!


  • Asia Morela

    LOL, now I understand the meaning of your tweet 😉 Anyway, I kind of like the pictures of you jumping. They’re fun. But yeah: jumping in high heels? That’s perilous! 😛

    I love your gray tights too, I used to have some similar ones… (Also reminds me I need to go shopping for new ones!! :))

    • Mara

      Haha, I was wondering if anyone would see that and be like “what the heck?”
      Yeah. I like to confuse people. 😉

      Target has some great tights right now for mostly reasonable pricing (I say “mostly” because they have $10 pairs and to me that’s expensive. But then there are the 2-pack tights or the $5 tights that are in my reasonable range.)

  • Jennifer


    Don’t you just love how, when you are doing something you like, you lose track of the time you have spent doing it?

    I love reading your blogs and catching the photos you decide to post. It looks like you are hitting the “floating” pics as well.

    If I lived in your area, I would totally come get some coffee. Well, Chai. I’m not a coffee achiever. 🙂

    • Mara

      Thank you!

      I’m getting there with the jumping pictures. I’ll have to take one day and just snap a million until I get one right (I want a clear, non-awkward-pose picture that looks more like I’m floating than jumping.)

      So you don’t like coffee at all? Although Chai is pretty darn good.

  • Elana

    Vamoose! What a wonderful word! 😀
    If I jumped in heels, falling would be a guarantee, not a maybe! But then, my one foot is a little crooked so I can’t wear ’em anyway – I fall within seconds (while standing still) … 😉

    • Mara

      Isn’t it a great word? I love words like that.

      Yeah, I had a very near fall, and I decided that especially when I’m wearing tights I might rip, I should keep jumping to a minimum. And never in heels. 😉
      I trip over flat surfaces, so y’know. I can relate to the whole falling with very little (or no) reason.

    • Mara

      I think more people should wear scarves like this! It adds such a fun touch, and it’s kind of reminiscent of 1940’s glamour.
      Thank you!

  • Demy

    Hahaha, when I read the word ‘vamoose’, I was like ‘eh? what is this???’. SO I googled it and I saw what it means, it’s such an amazing word!!! And then I saw the comment Elana left and I thanked God that I’m not the only one who admires words lol! It IS a nice word, though… It sort of reminds me of…geese! I don’t know why. Whatever 😛
    I think it might be one of my fave outfits of the scarf challenge as well! I ADORE the way the prints of the skirt and scarf look together, and OH EM GEE you shoes are soooo cuuuute!! SO cute! You’re really pretty actually 🙂 But what the heck? How did you manage to jump on high heels? WOW!!! I take my hat off for you. I would have broken 3 and a half bones, a leg, a hand..and a heel.
    I do prefer this way of listing the outfit details as well. It’s so interesting! Your blog design is clean and organised, just like it should be! Congrats! 😀 😀
    I wish you a nice Friday! I’m off to sleep! Byyyee!!

    • Mara

      So reading my blog is fun AND educational! 😀 Vamoose is a fun word. And it does sort of remind me of geese, now that you mention it. Cuz… it rhymes with Goose. Hahahaha!
      I managed for about five seconds of jumping before I landed wrong and my ankle is sore now. It’s not a good idea for me to jump in heels. But I had to try! 😀

      Happy weekend! I hope you had a nice sleep! <3

  • Booksphotographsandartwork

    I thought about you when I was looking at shoes in Goodwill the other day. They had some great ones that you would have loved. Dang I should have taken photos with my phone. I always forget about that. Oh but I did get a picture of some boots a girl was wearing. I’ll have to remember to post that. You do wear a scarf so very well.

  • Jamie Rose

    I just love the pattern on your skirt! The scarf is also super pretty. I enjoyed the jumping pictures. Is there anybody who isn’t an awkward jumper? haha

    • Mara

      Isn’t it pretty? I almost put it back when I first tried it on– since it was shorts– but then I realized it was a tag sale item and even if making it into a skirt ruined it, it was worth a shot. Thank goodness it worked!
      That’s true. Some people have perfected jumping pictures, though. I really want to figure out how to get a good one.

  • Lauren

    You took wonderful jumping pics! Most of mine are the landing or takeoff which just make me look angry or like i have an upset stomach. I absolutely love this skirt, it’s like a porceilin plate! and 1.50? Nice! I like the buttons you have going on, and both ways of posting the costs are good! Your blog reminds me I need to redesign mine 🙂

    Sparrow & Urchin

  • Ashley

    Oooh lovely. Scarves are so much fun. I didn’t realize you were doing a challenge with them right now. Good idea! I have so many that if I did a challenge, it would probably go on for half a year.

    I enjoyed your jumping pics. You look like a very dainty jumper. I like the flailing arms. I don’t do that when I jump. I might have to start. I like it.

    Glad you didn’t get hurt, too, for the record. 😛