Bikes and Stripes

Somehow, it completely slipped my mind that I was going to do a Midweek Inspiration post today, perhaps because we– being my family and I– are going to move again at the end of the month, so a lot has been going on. So instead, here’s the outfit I wore on Sunday. I’ll get back to Midweek Inspiration next week!

This is the second of the three skirts I bought in XXL sizes and tailored, and it may be my favorite one! In fact, this is probably my favorite outfit that I’ve worn this year. Red is my favorite color, I love the quirky print, stripes are always good, these shoes are (obviously) my favorite, and also… I really like the location of these photos. It’s just all around my favorite.

These skirts remind me of summer. I can’t wait for warmth! Even just spring, whenever it decides to come around, will be fantastic. The flowers will be out, and we’ll have so many good locations for pictures! I am really hoping that the people who owned this house were gone, because it would have been weird to know we were being watched. I heard a dog barking at us, and nobody stopped it. So I think they were gone.

This was right afte rMr. Owl told me I always did a “model face.” But then he showed me the picture he was talking about, and I replied “Um… that’s me blinking.”

I guess I just look like a model whatever I do. 😉

I think me making weird faces or poses for the camera should just be a regular thing. It’s not like I’m worried about my internet image or anything, and it’s just more “me” to be a little bit silly for pictures. It’s just who I am.

I cannot get over how much I LOVE the print of this skirt! I need more like it! I think this (and the other two) will be come an all-seasons staple in my wardrobe. It’s just… perfect.

And in case you couldn’t quite tell, those are little old-fashioned bicycles. You know, the kind with the big front tire? It’s perfect.

I think it’s time to go shoe-shopping and find other staple shoes to wear. I swear, I’ve worn these shoes half the days of this month alone. I should really get more creative with my other shoes. I’ll most likely get rid of the ones I no longer wear and start hunting for more vintage-esque goodies.

Speaking of getting rid of things, I still need to photograph and put up all the clothes that I never wear, so you lovelies can peruse and purchase them if you wish.

Yeah. It’s been what, a month since I said I was going to do that? Methinks it’s time to steal Mr. Owl’s camera (or make him take lots of pictures of me wearing different clothes) and get those babies posted.

I’ll try to do that before the months run short.


I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!


  • Snigdha

    The skirt is amazing, of course, but I never seemed to get over how beautiful your town is. 😀 It’s Washington, right? (and I guess I’ve already told you how dearly I want to visit that place).
    And, yes, Mara dear, do convey my congratulations to Mr. Owl, because though it is humanly impossible, he makes you look even BETTER in these pictures.

    Sometimes I think you both are magicians. The real kind. Minus the magic wand. 😉
    Loved the outfit, by the way! 😀

    • Mara

      It is Washington, yes! Western Washington. (Eastern Washington is very dry, but once you get over the mountains, it gets green!) You must visit someday!
      I will. Hehe. Thank you!

  • piccolaitaliana

    I was with Marie earlier today and I was like “Hey, Mara posted earlier. Let’s look at it.” So we got on her computer, opened up the post and both loudly gasped at the same time. I said “THAT SKIRT!” and Marie went “THAT FENCE!” So basically you have die-hard readers that double as lunatics. Yeah. But your outfit is fantabulous, as usual 😉

    • Mara

      Hahahaha! Oh my goodness, that made me laugh so much! I would never have thought I’d be upstaged by a fence. 😀 Teehee. But I’m glad at least one of you liked the outfit. Also, I don’t know why, but I really love the fact that you and Marie are real-life friends. It just makes me smile.

      • mariecarolk

        Hahah…Hey! I liked the outfit too 😛 I was like, “Look at those awesome bikes!!”

        But, yeah, mostly I was commenting on how beautiful the fence was…We’re pretty crazy 🙂

        • Mara

          😀 The bikes are my favorite part about this outfit. I NEED more skirts with prints like these!

          And I agree. That fence was fantastic! I want a fence like that. I’m just wondering what the people who lived there thought of us…

  • Demy

    Hi! I apologize for being late on commenting again (high school is killing me :(). Aaanyway, I can say that this is one of my absolutely favorite outfits EVEEER! It’s just so perfect. The skirt is amazing, such a cute and weird print 🙂 And the color blocking looks great! Oh and of course the shoes rock, you should never ever get rid of them, they’re just too cute!
    Hmmm…the fact that they didn’t stop the dog does not prove that there weren’t people in the house. Maybe they thought they should let the dog bark 😛 I’m just kidding you, I’m sure they were too amazed by the gorgeous model and the gorgeous photographer to even care for the dog 😛 And I agree about the fence, I want one as well. In my room hahaha, wouldn’t that be awesome? 😛 But I want one in my house… one day! And the last thing: your smile is soooo prettyyyy <3

  • Jamie Rose

    I’m pretty in love with the print on your skirt too! Adorable! You did a really nice job altering those skirts. This one looks so cute with your striped top too.