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Valentine’s Day Lookbook: Glasses and Trends

This post is sponsored by, and just in time for a great way to style your glasses for Valentine’s day! You should definitely check out their site, especially if you’re looking for to order glasses. They have an awesome selection. I especially love these frames


I have had glasses since I was about eleven years old. When I got them, I was initially excited; they were round, with thin metal frames that had a multitude of colors in them, and the pastor’s son, who I had a crush on at the time, thought they were cool. So naturally, I loved my glasses.

But as I got older and we never could afford to update my glasses, I grew out of my love for the round multi-colored frames, and I quit wearing them except to drive, and to watch movies. I’m ashamed to say I didin’t get updated frames until I was twenty years old. Seriously, who waits that long to update their eyeglasses?

I’ve always had a hard time styling my kind of style (vintage) around my glasses, which is why most of the time, I don’t take outfit pictures with my glasses on. Which  means that most of the time, I can’t see while I’m taking pictures. But GlassesUSA contacted me at the perfect time– during my Valentine’s day inspiration run– to collaborate a post, and around the same time I found this perfect dress, and also saw this SIA and thought “What a perfect way to kill three birds with one stone!”


This look was sort of spur-of-the-moment. I found the dress at Target for a seriously unbelieveable $2.16 because it was an online return. I’d been eyeing the dress for so long that I bought it without even trying it on. And I thought it would be a perfect addition to my month worth of Valentine’s Day looks. Especially since I have my updated frames (which may soon be traded out for contacts) and I wanted to share the look with those of you who might have the same problem as me– wearing glasses and feeling dressed up at the same time.

So this look is for those of you who 1. Aren’t valentine-y, 2. Don’t like red, 3. Have a more modern style, and 4. Want to look fancy while wearing glasses. I know of all people how hard it is to feel and look dressed-up while wearing prescription lenses; I rarely feel formal enough with these things on my face. But this look feels just modern and eclectic enough that the glasses work perfectly.


One of these days I’ll get contacts, but until then, maybe I will try to work my glasses into more posts. And I might look around for eyeglasses online, some that are more vintage looking (these are pretty great) to go with the style I love the most.


And can I just say: I really, really love this purse. What’s not to love about a sparkly gold clutch, though? *swoon*


GlassesUSA has a really awesome feature for those of you looking to buy frames online: the virtual mirror. It’s kind of like those websites where you can try on different hairstyles, only this lets you try on frames. It’s super fun. Check it out!

Fun, right? Or maybe I’m just nerdy enough to think it’s cool. Hehe. And, if you find glasses you really like, they’re offering my readers a 10% discount off of any prescription frames with the code Blog10.

So happy glasses shopping! Do you have glasses you don’t wear? What’s your eyeglass story? I want to know!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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