I love you dots and dots.


I have just found my absolute favorite outfit ever. Polka dots, I love. TWO pieces with polka dots? Oh, yes. It was all I could do not to throw on my polka dot tights with this, too.


Then again, it’s finally been too warm for tights lately, and I am so happy with the weather! It just makes me happier through the whole day to look out the window and see the sun outside. I don’t even mind working when there’s sunlight to greet me at the end of the day. It’s so wonderful!


I especially love the back of this shirt; I convinced Mr. Owl to buy it for me. It wasn’t hard, since it was on a 70% off sale.


We’ve got 18 days left on our Whole30, and so far…I love it! I have so much more energy now, and I love being able to eat until I’m full without feeling guilty for eating something I know is less-than-healthy. It’s surprisingly easier than I thought it would be to plan and cook three meals a day– lunches are usually just leftover dinners– and it’s really wonderful to be satisfied with a meal and not constantly be hungry. I haven’t had any bad withdrawals from foods, but then again, I didn’t eat much bread or sugar or dairy as it was, so cutting those things from my diet wasn’t too hard.

Mr. Owl, on the other hand, misses pizza, and donuts, and bread, and cookies, and candy, and basically everything he loves that he can’t have for another 18 days. Thankfully, he likes the food that we’re eating now, so he’s getting used to it.PicMonkey Collage

Has anyone else tried the Whole 30? What did you think of it? Did you keep eating that way? Did you have any bad reactions to foods that you reintroduced into your diet after the thirty days?


Fred Meyer: Shirt
Thrifted: Skirt, belt, brooch
Modcloth: Wedges
Gift: Watch

I hope you are all having a wonderful April so far! I mean, two days in, but so far I like this month. Maybe because my birthday is this month. And I love birthdays.

Have an absolutely beautiful Tuesday!


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