Man of Style: Blazers and Bow Ties


I haven’t done a style post featuring Mr. Owl for so long, so I was really excited when Tie Society offered us the opportunity to try out their services. They’re a pretty cool company where you can choose an option to have one, three, five, or ten ties or bow-ties a month, and when you’re done with the tie or bow-tie, you can send it back and select another one. I’ve heard of these kinds of services for women, but this is the first men’s type of a trade-off I’ve ever seen!



We went up to Seattle for the day, and got at least five people complimenting him on his tie, or us in general on how adorable we are (which is true, obviously). One woman said “I am a photographer, and I just LOVE you two. You’re perfect!”

Everyone loves us, though. ūüėČ How could they not?



I thought he looked pretty good in his blazer and bow-tie, though. I love a man with a bow-tie! (Doctor Who, anyone?)

Sadly, later in the day it got rainy and I got grumpy, and the rain and grumpiness carried on to the next day. The Whole 30 is finally getting to me. I miss donuts and chocolate and I want cake and half-and-half. Plus, the husband is losing weight and doesn’t want to, so we have to figure out how to make that stop (eat more food, obviously.) I’m going to complete this, though! We’re over halfway through, and I feel too good to stop. Despite the cravings. And vivid dreams involving food at one point or another.

I had a dream the other night about salad with Caesar dressing, and also one about some sort of egg pastry with cream cheese and jam in the middle.





C/O Tie Society: Bow-Tie
Kohl’s: Shoes
Macy’s: Blazer
Hawaii Flea Market: Hat
Old: Jeans, shirt
Inherent: hotness

If you want to try out Tie Society, or if you’ve got a special man who’d love to get a cool new tie, you can use the code TSTRIAL3 for 50% off of your first month!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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Bow tie was graciously provided by Tie Society. All ramblings and thoughts herein are my own.