How to get away with blue eyeshadow, and some quick hair ideas.

Being a green/hazel-eyed person with rosy skin, I’m not really the type who is supposed to wear blue eyeshadow. Many times, it makes me look like I’ve got black eyes, and it makes the whites of my eyes look yellow. But I was determined to do a  blue shadow look, and Ashley sweetly emailed me for some advice on her makeup and hair for her prom. Perfect timing! So here we go.

IMG_06601231. Start with a good foundation and blush. Preferably a more peach blush, as it’ll go better with your blue eyeshadow.
2,3: Highlight your brow bone down to the inner corner of your eye with a neutral light color that is barely a shade lighter than your skin tone.

4564: With the lightest blue shade, cover your eyelid up to the crease.
5. With the next shade down, cover half of your lid up to the crease. It won’t look like it makes that much of a difference, but it adds depth. Trust me.
6. With your darkest shade of blue, make a sideways vee starting at the middle of your lash line, out to just past the corner of your eye, and up into your crease.

7897. Still with your darkest shade of blue, line the outer half of your lower lashes.
8. With a silver highlight, line the inner half of your lower lashes and highlight the inner corner of your eyes.
9. With black eyeliner, give yourself a cat eye. This can be thin (as shown) or thick, depending on your preferences. The black helps anchor the blues and keeps the look from being dated, especially if you’re like me and shouldn’t wear blue shadow anyway.

IMG_0661Add some mascara and lip gloss, and you’re done!

So, Ashley also asked if I had any good ideas for hair, as a prom is coming up and she wanted to do something other than just curling her hair. I tend to always curl my  hair for fancy occasions, but then I do something more with it. Here are my three go-to hairdos with the basis of that curled hair. (I was in a bit of race with my camera battery, so I’m sorry if these aren’t very inspiring!)


Wearing it to one side is a super easy way to look fancy. All it takes is some curls, a couple of hair pins, and (for me) lots of hairspray. And if you’re feeling extra-fancy, why not pin a flower or a brooch into your hair?

Hairs 1If you’d rather get your hair off your neck, or have some  bangin’ earrings to show off, wearing your hair in a messy bunch of curls is another easy way to go. With the added detail of having one side-bang-esque curl to the side of your face, this is literally a two-minute hair job. I just bunch my hair up onto the back of my  head, and pin it until it looks secure.


And if you want a more relaxed but still dressed up hairdo, try a braid! Tilt your head to one side and gather up three pieces from the right side of your face. Start braiding upward, until you’ve braided around to the other side, and pin in place. It feels awkward at first and might take a couple of tries, but you’ll get the hang of it.

The key to all of these looks is looser, more flowing curls. Anything too tight or oversprayed, and you’ll end up looking crunchy and overdone. But the right amount of relaxed adds a glamour to any hairdo.

Good luck picking what you want to do, Ashley! HAve fun at your prom!

And for the rest of you, have a beautiful Tuesday!


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  • Amia

    I love the blue eyeshadow look! I’m too old for prom, but I definitely need to start playing with colored eyeshadow again 🙂

  • Jamie Rose

    I think the blue eyeshadow looks great. I hate all the supposed rules about what eyeshadow to wear with certain eye colors. I firmly believe there’s a way to wear any color shadow on anybody as long as they have the confidence to rock it! This looks gorgeous on you!

    • Eccentric Owl

      I agree, but there are definitely shades of makeup that just aren’t flattering on me, and blue tends to be one of them! I have super rosy skin, so the wrong shades of blue can make me look really pink in a bad way!