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This outfit started out as a lazy outfit. Because when I woke up this morning, it took me 30 minutes just to wake up and have enough motivation to get out of bed. Let me tell you, when you’re pregnant, getting 6 hours of sleep just doesn’t cut it any more! So I wanted to wear the most effortless thing I had in my closet while still being work-appropriate.

Not that there’s a dress code at work, but… y’know.


This dress, to me, is the equivalent of wearing pajamas. It is loose, comfortable, and basically a big tee shirt with some ruching. I love how easy it is. I also love the fact that it’s one of my husband’s favorite dresses and he thinks it’s sexy.

Too bad he doesn’t also think that of my fuzzy flannel pajama pants… that I stole from him…

But after waking up a bit more, I got inspired to make a little more effort and actually put on some accessories and makeup. I’ve never worn this necklace that one of my beloved friends gave me, and I don’t know why! I’m not used to wearing jewelry, I suppose. I tend to gravitate towards rings and earrings.


And the coolness of the morning deemed light tights appropriate. Although by the time I left, tights were definitely not appropriate.



I’ve recently become an affiliate partner with Oasap, and I was so excited to receive this bracelet (and also a shirt, which I’ll wear tomorrow) in the mail! It’s such a pretty, sturdy bracelet, and small enough to actually FIT my wrist. That might be a cautionary tale to some of you if you’ve got normal wrists, but for some reason most bracelets don’t fit me. Small bones? Dunno.

Anyway! I really love the way this looks on, and that it’s got a stem that is bendable but still strong enough that I know it won’t eventually break. My only concern is that I can only wear it one way, as the back is pretty open and if I wear it any other way it tends to slide off sideways.

Still! I think it’s a pretty great bracelet and I know I’ll be wearing it a lot come fall, especially!


I almost didn’t take outfit pictures today. While I was scoping out a possible location for a photoshoot (by the way, I’ve decided to delve into portrait photography. Shameless self-promoting Facebook Page link!), I was going up the hill past the location rather slowly, looking for a place to turn around, and some jerk decided after 2 seconds of coming up behind me that I was too slow. He started honking and honking, and when I pulled over to let him pass me, he let out a really long honk that you know would have been swearing if cars could swear.

I promptly honked back at him (which I never, ever do usually), and then turned around, and then cried. Ah, life. Really, who cares what some jerk does on the road; you know he wasn’t thinking “Maybe they’ve got car trouble/are lost/whatever”, but also… it wasn’t personal. I WAS going 15 under the speed limit (which wasn’t listed right there anyway), but anyway. Rude people.

So when I got home, I almost just gave up on pictures and went inside to pout, but then I thought… you know, just because someone’s in a hurry doesn’t mean I can’t go on with my day and still have a good time. But then the neighbors were out, so most of my pictures were a little awkward.


Thrifted: Dress (Originally from Romy), heels
C/O Oasap: Bracelet
Target: Tights
Gift: necklace
C/O Firmoo: Prescription Glasses

That’s my day in a nutshell.

Now I’m off to bake some potato wedges and check the ribs I’ve been cooking all day in my crockpot. This is the first time I’ve used the crockpot. I hope it worked.

And I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! Tomorrow, we leave to go camping for the second time this year, and I can’t wait!


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  • Sarah Whiting

    Things like that, the random rudeness of strangers, generally make me cry too. Or at least I feel upset about it for quite a while afterward. I’m sorry that happened, but I’m glad you didn’t let it affect the rest of your day!

    Crockpots sort of just rock. I hope your dinner turned out delicious, it sounds wonderful.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Yeah. It’s even worse being pregnant. EVERYTHING makes me cry. Seriously.

      It did turn out well! I was so excited! I need to use it more often, now that my kitchen is finally clean and I have counters I can use again…

  • Salazar

    Aww, don’t cry. Yell “dick wagon” or “wanker” or whatever your swear word of choice is, if it makes you feel better, but honestly don’t waste your tears over those people.

    Also, your posts haven’t been showing up on my reader for some reason. Maybe it’s just The Old Reader having a fit, but it’s a good thing I catch the updates on Facebook!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Hahahah! Oh, it’s a pregnant thing. Everything makes me cry! And I’m not really the yelling type of person; honking was, for me, a very extreme thing to do. 😀 I guess that was my way of yelling dick wagon. Haha! At least I only cried for about five minutes.

      Weird! Is it the bloglovin’ reader, or wordpress? I know the bloglovin’ one has started being wonky since they updated.

  • Melissa McBride

    Love the whole outfit! Why do people have to be so impatient?? It’s amazing how a bad driving experience can really put a cramp in your day. Anyway, glad you recovered. You look great~

    • Eccentric Owl

      Hah, yeah. I mostly didn’t understand why he had the need to honk rudely at me after I let him pass. Like… I was doing the best I could to pull over at the first available spot, what else could I do? But oh well! Some people are just in a hurry!
      Thank you!

  • Irela

    UGH! I’m sorry you had to go through drive, rude drivers are the worst. I live in Miami, every single day out the door it’s a constant struggle and fight with the drivers in this city. Seriously, everyone is rude, pushy and so self-absorbed. If someone doesn’t flip you off before you get to your destination you start wondering if the poles have suddenly shifted lol

    I love that bracelet, must have must have!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Aww! Thankfully most of the drivers around here aren’t too rude, but man… I think when they ARE rude, they’re like… the worst possible rudeness they can be.

      Isn’t it pretty? I love it!

  • Sarah With A Bow

    I know there were parts of your day that were rough on you (hugs) but I’m a little amused after finishing your post, too. I’m glad you can maintain your positive outlook on life even though things happen and good on you for seizing back your own day. (: You’re still looking lovely, by the way.

    • Eccentric Owl

      I tend to be amused at myself or the situation after my emotions (which are on high now that I’m pregnant) start to die down. Hehe.
      Why thank you, my dear! BY the way, I keep trying to pin my husband down on a good weekend to come meet you, but he’s been painting houses and doing side jobs for money. Which is good, but y’know. There go our weekends! But SOON.

  • Jamie Rose

    This dress looks so comfy and absolutely cute! My sister and I both have a couple dresses we call our pajama dresses. They’re made of the same material as yours, I’m pretty sure. I really could sleep in mine they’re so comfy. I love yours paired with the dotted tights. I’m looking forward to doing that again when the weather cools down!