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Wishing For…

3 You guys, I want fall to come SO BAD. It’s September. That means tights, scarves, tall boots, and hot tea, right? I want cool mornings, and snuggly evenings, and misty days filled with orange leaves.

But the only “fall” thing that has happened so far is the spiders. My least favorite thing about fall. They’re everywhere. In my house, on my walls, in my bathroom, in the trees, in the grass, on the siding… ugh. I almost didn’t go outside for pictures today because a huge fat orange spider made its web right across our front door.

7 And I am not brave. Fortunately, we have two other doors to the outside world, so I risked leaving the house for pictures, and then braved trying to kill the fat spider with a very, very long stick. I ended up knocking it and most of its web down while simultaneously squealing and twisting my ankle because… just… because.

And no, I will not be using the front door until it is thoroughly checked on all sides for that thing. It’s still alive. It might eat me.

Thank goodness I’m having a boy. When he’s old enough, he can kill the spiders for me.

5 So, since it’s too warm to wear official fall clothes, I decided the closest I could get would be this dress, which has always seemed very fall to me. Especially with brown accessories.

I tried an orange dress/brown-and-white striped sweater combo, but even the light materials of that layering was too much. Being pregnant in the summer makes it hard to get dressed. It’s a wonder I don’t just sit here in my bra all day, now that I have a job working from home that doesn’t require me to get dressed (or showered, or brush my hair, or put on makeup, or anything at all. If we had wireless, I could work from bed. And then I’d be a total slob every day.)

9 10  I wish you all could have witnessed the epic-ness of Baby Owl’s kicks last night. He has gotten to the point where I can now see his kicking as well as feel it strongly, and to be honest… it creeps me out a little! It’s like a scene from Alien. Let’s just hope he doesn’t burst forth like that.

He definitely loves noise, though. I went on a brother-sister date to see a movie last night, and every time there was a huge fight scene (with things blowing up, noisy machines, etc), Baby Owl started kicking like mad. It was pretty funny.11 Yesterday and today were my first “real” days of working from home (I had a few days off, and then a day of training), and it’s been… good, but tiring. I have to figure out when the most editing needs to be done so that I know when I need to log in so that I can get my hours in every day. I think for the first week or two, I will be logging in hourly just to see when things are busiest. So that’s tiring. But otherwise, it is awesome. I love not having to get up at a certain time, and being able to take breaks between without worrying about having to get back to work at a certain time.

And since it’s editorial work, even though it’s fairly simple and repetitive, I still like it.

4 Target Dress | Thrifted Sandals and Belt | Gift Earrings

Are any of you experiencing fall yet? It definitely is getting cooler, just not cool enough to wear sweaters. And the leaves haven’t started to turn yet.They will soon, though! I can’t wait for pumpkin patches, either. Mr. Owl and I have decided we’re going to go to a haunted corn maze this year, just for the silly fun of it.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Happy Wednesday!


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  • Becca Lee

    I’m glad you’re enjoying working at home. Sounds like Baby Owl is going to be a busy little guy. I love this dress and am also really wishing for fall. 90 in mid-September? Really? Washington, this is so unlike you. For shame! Hopefully it’ll get here real soon!

    Ladyface Blog

    • Eccentric Owl

      I think he is! I mean, all of my in-laws have really active kids, so I don’t see how he can’t be! 😀
      I know, right? I’m so done with the 80-90 degree weather. My husband isn’t, but I am! I want fall.

  • Katie Viola

    Love this dress on you, especially with those earrings and the belt. Also, your glasses are great!
    What is up with this heat wave right now? I mean, it’s nearly mid-september and it’s 90 degrees today. C’mon, Washington! I am SO ready for my fall sweaters and tights to come out. (but so not ready for the influx of spiders!!!)

  • Jamie Rose

    I’m right there with you wishing it was fall! It was 88 degrees today. We never get fall at fall time. Maybe I can wear scarves and tights and drink tea in November. So sad.
    But anyway, you look so pretty! I love this lace dress on you. Your earrings are amazing too!

    • Eccentric Owl

      And you probably have it even worse than we do! But I’m starting to think we’re not going to get actual fall weather for a while still. It’s one of those years…
      Thank you Jamie!

  • Amia

    A haunted corn maze sounds like so much fun 🙂 I love your outfit, the earrings are the cutest. I’m wishing for fall too believe me! I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and our weather never cooperates with the season. Pretty much all summer it was a cloudy extension of spring, but now that it’s September it decides that we’re having 2 90 degree days in a row, ugh. Oh well, soon I’ll be wishing it wasn’t so painfully cold since fall only last a short while here. Can’t win with the weather haha.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Doesn’t it? It’s just such a corny and totally fall thing to do. Hehe. I think the whole country wants fall, and it’s so late this year!
      Yeah, the weather never behaves. Oh well!

  • Salazar

    OK, I have to be honest: I don’t get why people are afraid of spiders. Snakes, hell yes. Rats and mice, yes. But spiders, or anything that you can squish? What can they do to you? Just take a broom to them if you don’t feel like dirtying your shoes!

    Anyway, we’re having fall weather here, which is really weird because we don’t really have fall. But it’s raining a lot and it’s a lot cooler (well, 85, but that’s cooler for us), so I’m loving it.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Haha, I have no problem admitting it’s a mostly irrational fear stemmed from when I was little and my dad had a spider come out of his ear. But we ARE more likely to come across poisonous spiders than lethal snakes, and I do kill anything with a body smaller than my thumb. But the big ones that make webs above my head… nope. Not sure why I’m not afraid of rats and mice or snakes, but y’know. Irrational, that’s me! 😀

      Lucky! I’m glad it cooled down for you!

      • Salazar

        Gah! OK, that’s totally understandable. But still, it’s not like it’s going to crawl into your ear while you’re killing it, right? Like I said, just take a big broom to it. A vacuum cleaner if it makes you feel safer 😛

  • Rubee Best

    It’s been so cold here in the uk for the past week. The temperature literally dropped by half over night and I’m longing for summer again already. I am enjoying wearing boots and jumpers, drinking hot drinks and snuggling on the sofa but I am not enjoying trying to dress for autumn when my bump suddenly seems to be growing. I definitely need to invest in some maternity tights ASAP! As for spiders, we have had two if the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen in my life in our house this past week. I completely get your fear! It’s totally irrational here as we really don’t get any that would cause any harm but they’re just awful! I’m more scared if spiders that wasps which could actually hurt me which is just a little crazy!

  • Carly

    Aww, spiders are such an important part of the ecosystem and usually really non-threatening unless they feel they’re in danger. It makes me sad when people kill them!

  • christen

    ugh, i WISH I was experiencing fall. I live in Alabama. it won’t fall here until probably November. Also I once got trapped in my house because of a big spider as well. I was late for my morning run because of it! why I didn’t think to walk out another door is beyond me. I’ll blame it on the 5:00 am wake up call. Anyhow, I’m with ya, it’s irrational because I am bigger than them, but spiders totally creep me out!

    and ps. you look cuper cute here!


  • Myranda

    I am totally with you on the spiders… They are everywhere here, too. I literally don’t walk into my garage to do laundry without waving a fly swatter in front of my face to knock down any possible webs. And I don’t go outside unless my husband walks out first (and he ends up with webs all over himself). I love autumn once we get past the spider part, but in the midst, when they get mixed into your dreams, it’s pretty intense if you have a true fear of them. (Like I do…)

  • Myranda

    Oh, and your outfit is stunning. 🙂 I totally wish I had any sort of style when I was pregnant. You know, besides the t-shirts and yoga pants… Ah, maybe next baby in a couple of years. Then I will reference your blog like my handbook for amazing ideas on how to dress my bump!