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 To be honest, yesterday I spent most of the day either pantsless or shirtless because I was too hot and lazy to do anything. Pregnancy does that to you. And I almost didn’t get dressed. Most of the day was spent either laying on the bed reading, getting my hours in for work (pantsless or shirtless; the pros of working from home), or admiring the ever-growing baby belly (yes, I admire my own baby bump. I can’t help it!)

But then… magic. This cardigan came for me in the mail from Oasap, and I. Am. In. Love. I will be obsessed with this sweater for a while, so I might just be wearing it in the next few outfit posts. I apologize in advance.

6 But it is just so perfectly fall, while not being too heavy to get away with in our still-70’s weather. I can definitely wear it in the evenings, when it gets more into the 60’s. And the print is awesome, and it’s cozy, and… I love it. Ever since Tieka wore a black-and-white print sweater, I have been needing to get one. So when I had the opportunity to choose one for Oasap to send me, I jumped at the chance!

7Can we talk about how suddenly really round my stomach is getting? It’s just like… bam, two more inches! So far I have gained 8 inches of belly. It’s crazy.

I also think I have started to waddle. When I walked to our mailbox to get the package containing this sweater, I became aware that instead of my arms swinging forward and back, my shoulders were rocking side to side. And probably so was my belly.

But hey, at 5-1/2 months pregnant, I can’t complain! I haven’t had back problems yet, I haven’t gained an excess amount of weight, and so far have no stretch marks. If waddling is the only thing I have to deal with, I’ll take it.


The kicking gets stronger every day. Makes me wonder if someday I’ll be walking through the store and everyone will be able to see the movement. Does that happen? I’m sure it does. I wonder if I can creep out little kids. I’ll tell them I have an alien in my belly. Or I ate a watermelon seed.


I think I might switch up my makeup for fall. More of this delicious plum eyeshadow (that I got for under $3 at Target, regular priced!), and golds and browns rather than my spring-summer retro black eyeliner. I love the softness of it, and how much more green it makes my eyes look. 12  This necklace is also from Oasap, as are my earrings. I’m starting to branch out from owls into many more animals. Deer and foxes are so far the most addicting to me. But owls still rule. 14 15  Aren’t these earrings great? I wasn’t sure if I would like them when I saw them online, because I couldn’t tell how big they were. But they’re a really nice size, and I love the vintage finish on them! Plus, the pearl is such a pretty addition. Again, it was another thing I wasn’t sure I’d like just seeing it online, but definitely love in person. So far, everything I’ve gotten from Oasap has been love-at-first-sight!13 Behold: in all my wishes for fall, I found three fall-ish leaves (that are really just falling off the tree and dying… small details)! Yay! Maybe this will hail the coming of cold weather, hot tea, and less spiders? Maybe?

Yeah, okay, probably not. It is getting marginally cooler here, but not enough to merit fall dressing yet, or drinking hot tea/coffee any time other than in the morning.

2 Graphic Batwing Cardigan, Elk Head Necklace, and Pearl Engraved Deer Earrings c/o Oasap | Pants and sandals, Target | Tank top, Forever 21

I hope you have all had a fantastic week! I hear via comments and reading other blogs that this whole late summer has been happening all over the states. Maybe if we all complain together, the weather will change. Yeah? 😉

Happy Friday!


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  • Marlen

    aww your sweet, sweet belly! that’s so funny you’re starting to waddle, but that can’t be helped so whatevah. You look so pretty in that cardigan- it’s definitely got me in the mood to start unloading those fall boxes! But just like you, I kept taking off clothes yesterday because of the heat so maaaaybe i’ll postpone that just a bit longer 😉

    xo marlen
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  • Emma

    Oh my, i love that cardigan? Yikes. I wanna reach through my computer and steal it. I’ve been looking for something like that for ages, but am yet to find one i like! I wonder if they ship to NZ! Your belly is adorable, and yes very round, but that won’t be going down any time soon.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Oh, I know, I’m so in love! I’ll probably be living in it for the rest of the year!
      I’m pretty sure they ship everywhere! Up at the top of their homepage, it says “free shipping worldwide” PLUS you can return something you don’t like for free. Which is great!

  • Amia

    Those earrings are the cutest and the sweater is to die for I love the print! I think you’re making up to the owls with your cute new background, they’ll forgive you for wearing the occasional deer and fox 😉

  • Jamie Rose

    Haha it’s definitely still summer in Georgia but that’s 100% normal for this time of year. I wish complaining made it change!

    In other news, I love love your cardigan. The print is so cool. Your deer earrings and necklace are so cute too. I love this casual outfit. The colors are perfect for fall.

  • hannah @ The Braided Bandit

    I have totally been eying that cardigan from Oasap, it looks SO cute on you! I think you may have just convinced me 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  • christen

    ugh, I want a similar printed cardigan wrap thing like this myself! you look so cute in in it. And i love the “fall” makeup here on you too. looks lovely.