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Slowing Down

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This outfit marks the last one that I will be wearing with heels. Sadly, as I mentioned in my last post, I discovered that it totally stresses my husband out that I’ve been wearing high heels while pregnant (because I fell down… in this outfit, right after I finished taking outfit pictures. Scraped up my knees, bled on the tights — thank goodness they’re red — and scuffed one of the sleeves of the dress), and lately I’ve also finally been feeling some harsher pregnancy effects, like my hips being out of whack and the groin soreness getting worse and worse. So, goodbye to heels until sometime after January!

I also think it’s about time for me to start posting a little less often because it takes longer for me to get the house clean and cook dinner and such (ah, pregnancy!), so I’m going to try to cut back to three outfits a week, and only post on the other days if I have nothing else pending on my rather lengthly to-do list!


I love blogging, though, so it might be hard for me. Of course, once I have Asa to take care of and I’m not just sitting on the couch unable to get up because… have you seen how huge my belly really is?… I may not miss it as much as I do some days!

I am planning to take a break from blogging after he’s born, too. But I have several favorite bloggers who have agreed to do guest posts for me in the meantime, so I’m excited to have them take over while I’m gone! Right now, I’m debating whether I’ll be taking a complete leave from all social media for the few weeks after he’s born, or whether I’ll just break from blogging. I want to take time to get to know him, but I also know I’ll want to share him with everyone and I am SO bad at staying off the internet!

As for Dressember this month, though,  even though I’m not blogging daily, I’ll be posting the daily Dressember outfits on Instagram and Facebook.


I wore this for my one-year wedding anniversary. (It was COLD. We were inside most of the day, though) I had planned to wear this dress instead, with my wedding heels and necklace and earrings and the blusher, but I couldn’t find my necklace, that lace dress is now too short in the front, and the heels looked funny with my alternative. But I love the way this came together! I think red and white is one of my favorite combinations. It’s so romantic and pretty!


If you’re curious what happened to days 6 and 7 of Dressember, pop over to Facebook. Day six was so cold I only snapped until I had one good shot of the dress, and day seven we were in Leavenworth (which I keep wanting to call Norway Land because I can’t remember Leavenworth for whatever reason) for day one of our anniversary weekend.

12 14 Please ignore the stains. I don’t know where they came from, and I’m too afraid to damage the fabric by trying to wash them out! Any tips for removing stains from vintage clothing? 15

It was really funny going out to breakfast in this, and then going to a cafe and pottery painting place, because everyone said we looked like we’d just gotten married, yet here I am 8 months pregnant and it’s obvious, so they weren’t so sure until I clarified that it was our anniversary.

But you know, I would totally wear this to get married in! If we ever renew our vows, maybe I’ll pull this dress out. Or I will just hope that my wedding dress still fits, because it’s sad to never wear that again.


Vintage dress and blusher; thrifted belt; Target tights, (old) earrings, and (old) heels.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday! I’m crossing my fingers for snow that will stick around right now. The forecast keeps saying it will snow, and then changing its mind. AGH!


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  • Salazar

    Love it! My first thought upon seeing these photos is that you look like a bride, so I think it’s a great anniversary outfit.

    And you guys look adorable together, as always.

  • Mom

    You will be very busy after baby owl is born, so I agree with you that you won’t be blogging as much, but I also agree that you will want to share him with everyone, so you will not take a total break. I am glad you decided not to wear heals anymore. It didn’t stress me out, but I know it can’t be good for your back. : )

  • Marla Rogers

    I love the name Asa! You and your husband are so cute :] I can’t believe you’ve been wearing heels this entire time haha. My balance is questionable as it is when I’m in heels, I can’t imagine what being pregnant would do to me. I’ll miss you while you’re gone but I totally understand taking a break ;]

  • Jamie Rose

    I love red tights with white dresses. It always looks so cute, so I really love this outfit! That’s really scary that you fell. I could only hope I could wear cute heels this far into pregnancy one day though! I feel like a lot of women fall down when pregnant. I hear stories about that all the time but maybe that’s just my family. Who knows! I’m glad you two are okay!