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1Dressember Days8  As soon as I got this hat, sweater, and these gloves from Oasap, I had to wear them all at once. So, you know, this is possibly not the most elegant outfit ever but I am SO in love with these items I don’t even care!

I actually wouldn’t have even gotten this hat if it wasn’t for my husband saying “But it would be so cute!”

Thank goodness he convinced me! The inside of the hat is the softest fleece you’ve ever felt, and it’s nice and thick and warm. The gloves are lined with super warm flannel… and who can resist the fur cuffs? Love. 2 This sweater, too, is kind of amazing. I really love the way cardigans from Oasap drape, and I’ve gotten several people asking where I got it! It’s so lovely and thick and warm. Everything is perfect for the colder weather coming on, and Christmas!

Can you believe Christmas is only nine days away? I can’t. It seems like suddenly, time is going incredibly fast. First there’s Christmas, then family vacation at the beginning of January, and then a baby in the middle of January. I’ve only got 4-1/2 weeks left to plan for this baby, and according to a few different “what you need” lists, I am not even halfway stocked on my nursery items!

Not to mention, I’m not done with Christmas shopping at all. 4 
I should probably get on that! I hope to finish it all up by Thursday. I’m such a late shopper!

How are your Christmas plans going, if you celebrate Christmas? I’m hoping to make cookies and a gingerbread house sometime this week (I would say today, but uh… all’s well and good until the pregnant woman actually gets up to DO things…), and I want to make some paper snowflakes and I need to make something to bring to the family Christmas parties… but mostly I think I should probably just finish shopping for my husband. Because that’s important.


At least we have a Christmas tree, even if it is kind of scrawny and nothing matches. Our tree has personality. It’s very unlike my sister-in-laws’ Christmas trees. They’ve got the most beautiful perfect trees ever. Oh well! I just have different decorating techniques than they do! Haha! Their houses are more magazine-perfect while mine’s… Hobbit cozy mess. Basically.

7 Speaking of Hobbits, has anyone gone to see The Desolation of Smaug yet? (If not, beware spoilers ahead!) I loved it, except for the addition of Legolas and Tauriel. I really wanted to like them in this movie– really, really I did– but Legolas is so… I don’t know, there’s something that feels incredibly off about him, and Tauriel just doesn’t fit. I liked the interaction between her and Kili, but there were some parts where I was just like “Oh, it’s basically Arwen all over again!”, so that was sad.

I LOVED Smaug though, and I think the scene between him and Bilbo were SO perfect. He just looks exactly how I had imagined he would, and he’s voiced perfectly, and their dialogue is pretty close to the book which made me quite happy… yes. 10 I confess, I may have closed my eyes a few times in Mirkwood. I do fine with Shelob in Lord of the Rings, but when there are 20+ oversized spiders coming from everywhere in 3D… I chicken out. I can’t handle huge spiders. The part where the dwarves popped off all the legs of one of the spiders was possibly THE most shudder-worthy part of the entire movie. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps!14

I should probably get a move on today! I confess: I’m not even dressed and it’s 11 AM. If I want to get grocery shopping done and cook dinner today, I’d better go now or the day will just be shot!

Pregnancy has definitely gotten to the “I can’t do anything” stage. I can’t bend over or squat down for things, I can’t last more than two hours without eating, I can’t eat more than 1/2 of what I used to eat at every meal, I can’t sleep through the night, I can’t last more than two hours without having to pee, I can’t sleep on my right side without getting the circulation to my head cut off (babies…), I can’t… go out without people asking if I’m due for a Christmas baby (no? Is it twins? NO??? WHAT?)

But, thankfully, it just makes me laugh. I still love being pregnant,  I’m not usually miserable despite the list of things I can’t do, and I have yet to get to the “I just want to be DONE” stage. I’m waiting for it, but it hasn’t happened yet!6

Hat, gloves, and cardigan c/o Oasap | Vintage dress | JC Penney boots | Nordstrom rack tights

I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far, and a great Christmas season!


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  • Salazar

    After the first movie, I have no intention of going to see “The Desolation of Smaug” and torture my butt for another 3 hours in the theater. I’ve never been a big fan in the first place, and it’s going to be on TV in a few months anyway, so I’m OK with that.

    I will defend the addition of Tauriel though. I get what you say, but from a diversity standpoint, I just think it’s important to have at least one strong female character in these movies even if she is not present in the source material.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Haha, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the first one! I guess most reviews are saying the second one is better. I loved both of them, so y’know. 😀

      And I really don’t mind the addition of a character not in the book, I just don’t think it was done that well in this instance! I’m all for improving the diversity of the story, and there are just some books that need additions (or subtractions) in order to make them entertaining as movies. Like I said, I really wanted to like her, but she just didn’t quite fit the story as well as I had hoped she would.

  • Mom

    You are so beautiful! You finally look pregnant from the front. You can’t hide it in pictures anymore! : ) I love it!! I am glad you are not tired of being pregnant anymore, since you have the hardest month still ahead of you. (at least it was for me) You are going to be such great parents!