And a Cherry On Top

617 You guys…. lately, I haven’t felt like blogging.

The writing part, I mean. Instead, I’ve been reading all my old stories and getting inspired to continue them. There are so many I started writing that I don’t even remember, but that just sound so much fun — I found one the other day titled “My Boss is a Serial Killer” and reading it just cracked me up. I’m pretty sure that’s not the official title.   5So, I have a few posts ready with pictures, but no words.

Usually, it’s the other way around.

168 3 I got this shirt and these earrings at the same time, and how could I not wear them together? The print on this shirt is SO much fun! I  have plans to wear it to get ice cream this summer, for a perfect on-theme photo op. It’s oversized, and usually I’m not a fan of oversized tees, but it’s the perfect length and shape that it doesn’t feel slumpy.  It’s just comfortable and loose and airy. Perfect for hot weather!11 14 13Well… that’s all for today. I’ve been trying to write something — anything — all day, but I’ve got… nothin’!

It’s just one of those days. 4 Shirt and earrings, c/o Oasap | Thrifted skirt, scarf, and belt | Target sandals (old)

I hope you’re all having a good Tuesday!

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  • Salazar

    That top is so fun! I’ve been wearing a lot of loose tops lately too (it’s just so darned hot), and I can see this in a casual outfit with jeans or shorts, and that would be really cute too!

  • iDntKnowAnymore

    I think i have been following your blog for more then 3 years waiting for the day you’d repost My Beloved 🙁

    • Eccentric Owl

      Oh, gosh! I’m so sorry! I temporarily lost access to the file a while ago, and finally re-aqcuired it, and now I’m just forgetful. I’ll see what I can do today; I’m going to post the old version on Fiction Press again, but it does require a lot of patience on my part. Keep bugging me! I WILL post it!

  • Elana

    You are just too cute, Kristina! I absolutely love this top and earrings together. They’re so fun! And the color of this skirt is fantastic. I definitely know what you mean about not feeling inspired to write. Hopefully this passes for you soon though!

  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    Cute outfit!

    “My Boss is a Serial Killer”? Ha, I’m not surprised at all. That story title sounds so you! Gosh, I miss reading your writings. How’s SIA coming along?

  • Alexandra Marie

    So gorgeous! Love this photo set! You look beautiful and this outfit is too cute! Alex

  • Becca Lee

    Guh, so cute! I adore that ice cream top. Sorry to hear you’ve been having some blogger’s block lately. I hope you start to feel up to writing more soon!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog