17 This dress reminds me of Hawaii. It’s so tropical and twirly and beautiful, and I told my husband as soon as I put it on that it was on my list of clothes to take when we go back to the Hawaiian islands. Which, hopefully, will be somewhere around this time next year! We’re just going to save up slowly, and have determined to put a bit of money every week into a vacation jar. Plus, I think I will use any money from my store for vacation as well, to help save up faster!13 The only thing I don’t like as much about this dress… well, two things: one, it flattens my chest a bit. Which is probably because it’s slightly too small in the top as well as the shape of the top. The second was that the lining was smaller than the shell of the dress, and only the top is lined, so it bunched the zipper up around my hips. To fix it, I just snipped the lining away from the zipper, and voila! Flatness. But, you know. Small things. I’m sure once I’m done nursing, my boobs will shrink and no longer be flattened!


We went to the Gig Harbor Maritime parade this weekend, and it was so fun! It was Asa’s first parade to watch, and he garnered an itty bitty hat full of candy even though he’s much too young for candy. Ha! I think all of the little kids in the parade just thought he was too cute and gave it to him anyway. So, you know. Mr. Owl and I ate it for him.

I expected Asa to be startled by loud noises– motorcycles, loud cars, loud marching bands, etc… — but surprisingly the only thing that made him cry was the cheerleaders. Which was hilarious. I suspect it’s because they were a very sudden loud noise, whereas everything else just gradually got louder.


… or maybe he’s just afraid of girls. Haha!

Actually, he seems to love women a lot more than men so far, so we’ll see! He’s such a personable little guy, though, and grins at everyone (sometimes after a minute or two of some serious staring).


I’ve started (just started, as in… yesterday) going on long bike rides with my brother, and oh my goodness I am so, so out of shape. Yesterday, I had to walk up all of the hills. Today, I made it up the worst hill, which is super, super long, and I’m so proud of myself! My legs have always been the part of me I wanted to work on, so I think biking around the area will really help build up stamina and improve certain parts of my figure.

It’s a gorgeous area here, too, so it’s not only a good workout, it’s a beautiful one!

8 Collage 1 But I will be honest: when we get back from the rides, I just want to die. In… the best way possible? It feels so good after a workout to know you made it up a hill you couldn’t the day before, and sore muscles are great. I can’t wait until I don’t have to hop off the bike to get up the hills.

10Plus, maybe one day I will actually reach that jean size I always idolized. Haha! Actually, it’s not that big of a deal to me. I can’t lie and say I don’t want to  lose weight, but being fit and having stamina is a MUCH bigger goal and much, much more important to me than slimming down!

Plus, my husband appreciates my body the way it is, and that’s a big confidence booster!6 14 15 I also need to quit eating junk food and really commit to eating healthily just for me. I’ve been trying to do it with my family, but they can have foods I can’t (dairy, grains), so that’s not working! I’ve been having a lot of chocolate lately, and it’s taken its toll on me and Asa! He’s been all stuffy-nosed, and I have been having a hard time waking up. 3

Dress, earrings, and bracelet c/o Oasap | Target sandals | Thrifted belt | Modcloth Sunnies | Essie Forever Yummy nail polish | Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Moss 01 lipstick

I didn’t realize I was overloading with Oasap items, oops! Haha, but sometimes, one place just has so many items that are way too perfect with each other. I think I will be wearing these cherry earrings a lot this summer! They’re so, so cute!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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