A Dollar Well Spent

A Dollar Well Spent | A Dollar Well Spent |

I know, guys; this is totally a spring outfit. Forgive me.

On Friday, while we were thrift-shopping for props and costumes for our short film, I came across three western-themed dresses. One was browns and creams and oranges, in a sort of Indian-type print; the other was a teal green, with embroidery on the chest and fringe (also on the chest), and then there was this one. I nearly grabbed all three, but we weren’t supposed to be shopping for me and I knew my husband would probably naysay the other two. This one, though… I had to have. It was originally ankle-length, but with a little hem-job it’s pretty much perfect! Although, I might take down the puff in these sleeves a bit. A Dollar Well Spent | It was only a dollar, too, which makes it even better. While I’m still evaluating my closet and the direction of my style, I’ve realized I just can’t resist a little bit (or a lot) of quirky vintage. I really want to go back and get that teal dress now, but we’ll see.

I am definitely an advocate of wearing what makes you happy, but I think curating a wardrobe that is really usable depends on figuring out the parameter of your style. There has to be an element of cohesiveness to my style in order for me to really feel like myself — which I figured out in my post a little while back about my favorite outfits over the years. I adore crazy vintage, but I have to find a way to make it a bit more modern in order to feel right in it.A Dollar Well Spent | www.eccentricowl.comA Dollar Well Spent | Looking at these photos, I think I might actually lop off the sleeves entirely. Since it’s such a springy dress, I think I’d get more wear out of it sleeveless. Plus, if I ever want to wear it in colder months, I can always layer it over a shirt, or under a cardigan. A Dollar Well Spent | www.eccentricowl.comA Dollar Well Spent |   Well, this upcoming week we are moving out of my parents’ basement and into a friend’s house to house-sit for six months while they’re down in California for work, and I am so excited! I love my parents, and it’s been great living with them, but it will be nice to have our own bathroom, to have a room separate for Asa, to have some privacy in general, and not to be living in a basement. A Dollar Well Spent | www.eccentricowl.comA Dollar Well Spent | www.eccentricowl.comA Dollar Well Spent | www.eccentricowl.comI’ve got fake blood on my hand from this weekend. Oops.

One of my friends introduced me to Jamberry nails and sent me these pretty decals as a sample, and I love them! They are basically nail stickers that you apply using heat and pressure, and they’re supposed to last for about two weeks. I have noticed that the edges are peeling up on mine, but I have heard that you can touch your nail to a flatiron (or in my case, a curling iron) on the lowest setting to seal the edges, so I’ll try that and see how it works.

They’re so fun, though, and while they take a little longer to apply than just nail polish, they’re definitely easier than doing the nail art yourself, and cheaper than going to a salon for a basic manicure. There are so many print options; seriously, if these turn out to wear for as long as they should, I may just have to grab a few! If you’re interested, you can hop over to her website and have a browse. I especially love these other floral ones. So pretty!A Dollar Well Spent |

Vintage dress, thrifted | belt, garage-sale | heels, Forever 21 | Jamberry nails, c/o Heather

I hope you have all had a good weekend! It’s been a long, fun, and stressful weekend for us, since we filmed the 72 hour film yesterday and are working on cutting it together today (well, my husband is cutting it together; I’m recuperating from sleepless nights.) Asa had a rough time of it, since his schedule was all interrupted, so he hasn’t slept well which means I haven’t slept well.

I had a huge breakdown over the fact that these Modcloth shoes, which I found after a really long search for some practical, colorful fall/winter shoes and decided to exchange for a half size up, were not in stock by the time the shoes got back to them. HUGE breakdown. But I was running on four or less hours of sleep and dealing with a really fussy baby at the time, so yes.  I’m still extremely disappointed, and wish there was a way they could reserve the requested exchange size while they wait to see if the returned item is all good, but I’m sure I’ll find a different pair that are just as cute. I think I’m mostly upset by the fact that had I known this would happen, I could have just kept the original pair and made them work. They weren’t horribly small, just slightly too tight, and they might have stretched.

Oh well! Such is life.

Happy Sunday!

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  • Katie

    Haha, I try to sneak things by my husband slowly too…don’t want to constantly be giving him panic attacks with all of the pretty vintage I find….! This dress is so adorable though! The pretty color, the novelty print, it’s pretty perfect! I’m a sucker for sleeves so I love the puffs (I’m Anne Shirley at heart), but if you’d get more wear out of it with them gone it would still be a darling dress!
    Also, I must say the first thing I noticed were your killer shoes! They add some edge to such a sweet dress.
    I had to laugh at the fake blood…you were so nonchalant about it.
    And, I must say I would probably have freaked out about the modcloth shoes too…actually I’ve heard some poor things about them and their policies/customer service lately so I’m not terribly surprised, still really stinks though!
    Hope you have a great week ahead!

  • Jamie Rose

    I have a hard time placing parameters on my style which is definitely why my wardrobe is so big. I like too many things and styles! Oh well!
    Anyway, this dress is very cute on you even with the puffy sleeves. I really like those shoes you’re wearing too. Also the patterned nails!

    Jamie |