Polka dots, roses, and hearts

Polka dots, roses, and hearts | Polka dots, roses, and hearts |

  You guys. This skirt. Can you even deal with how amazing it is? Because I can’t. It is the epitome of romantic and ladylike with its full skirt (which needs no petticoat to fluff this much!) and quilted roses. I just… yeah. I don’t even have words for how much I love this skirt!

It’s definitely going to be my Christmas skirt, if I can find an appropriately sparkly/lacy/fancy shirt to go with it! This is one of those clothing items that will work for multiple occasions and remain a classic item no matter what the era’s trends.Polka dots, roses, and hearts | Plus, it has pockets. What woman doesn’t love pockets in a skirt or a dress? That is the selling point for me; if I’m wavering on a garment and then find out it has pockets, it goes into my closet on the spot.

What is it with women and our obsession with pocketed dresses anyway? Does it make it easier to carry things? I don’t actually put a lot in my pockets, other than bobby pins that get forgotten until I run it through the washer. Is it the convenience of having a place to put hands? The deliciousness of having a secret area to stash things? Tell me, why do you love pockets?

Polka dots, roses, and hearts | Polka dots, roses, and hearts | I actually wore this outfit on Sunday, with different shoes that I liked better. But we borrowed my in-laws’ car, and I accidentally left my shoes in their car. So I had to improvise. And I would not actually wear these heels anywhere in this weather, because it has gotten down to the thirties and when I was taking these pictures it was SO. COLD. It took all I had not to look frozen while I posed.

Polka dots, roses, and hearts | And while I was taking pictures, a car drove up the driveway and scared me half to death. It was only the mom of the woman whose house we are currently watching, coming to turn off the garage light since someone had left it on and we didn’t have the key.

But since this house is for sale, people drive up all the time and get out to look around. It wouldn’t freak me out so much except that recently I’ve been hearing about break-ins in the area — someone I know had a man block her driveway while she was trying to leave and claim that he needed gas/was out of gas. When she said she couldn’t help him and she had an appointment to get to, he had her help him push his truck out of the way, and she left.

Her son was still home, however, and a few minutes later he saw three men poking around outside, so he ran upstairs and hid in the master closet while he heard them breaking the glass of the sliding glass door. One guy actually came into the master bedroom, just a few feet away from where her son was hiding, and was rifling through things when the son’s phone rang in the closet.

Thankfully, another of the guys who was downstairs yelled “The cops are coming, let’s get out of here!” and they left without finding her son.

Polka dots, roses, and hearts | Polka dots, roses, and hearts | Seriously, though… yeah. I freak out now, because I’m here with no car and a baby, and I have no idea where I’d go if someone broke in.

And after the person I knew left yesterday, another car drove up, got parallel to the house, and I saw flashes of pictures being taken before they drove off.


Polka dots, roses, and hearts | Polka dots, roses, and hearts | I think people need to realize that just because a house is listed for sale doesn’t mean people won’t still be living in it.

Living here is.. very interesting. To add to the weirdness, last night we found a cat in the completely locked up and pet-flap-less garage, which we have never opened up and haven’t been down to in a week. The laundry is down there, and while we were walking through the garage to the laundry room, we heard this meowing. I thought for sure it was just a cat outside the doors that heard us, but no. After multiple times of going outside to search for the cat, we found it up on the wheel of one of their cars, meowing pitifully.

After a few minutes (and a few pieces of chicken) of coaxing, it came down, started purring, and allowed us to pick it up so we could put it out. I hope it found its home safely!

Polka dots, roses, and hearts |

Target shirt | thrifted brooch and heels | skirt and heart ring c/o Oasap (free shipping for two days right now, no minimum!)

I hope you all are having a good week!

It’s almost Friday, yay!

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