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There are several things about today that make me incredibly happy.

First, this dress. It has owls and bunnies and roses all over it, which are a few of my favorite things; it’s yellow, which is swiftly becoming my favorite color, and I am pretty sure that it will be working with me through every single season. It’s the perfect year-round dress. (My only complaints are that it’s quite staticky because of the fabric, which probably wouldn’t bother most people but I hate getting shocked, and it’s fitted enough of a top that I can’t quite lift my arms up all the way. Small things, though.)The Nerdy Owl | www.eccentricowl.comThe Nerdy Owl | Secondly, the weather! It is currently 36 degrees, frosty, and absolutely perfect here. I had forgotten how much I liked cold weather, and I’m excited to bundle up in scarves and boots, chunky sweaters, and warm hats and mittens. Plus, it gives me a reason to buy Asa new clothes; he needs a nice warm coat, some mittens, and some warm boots to keep him toasty as we go out and about. And I LOVE shopping the little boy clothes at Target, so I’m excited to find him some cute winter things. The Nerdy Owl | www.eccentricowl.comThe Nerdy Owl | Third, my glasses!

I have had glasses since I was about twelve, but I had only ever updated them three times — I had the same glasses from when I was twelve up until I was about twenty, and then I got a new pair that I’ve had for the last six years. Last summer, I worked with Firmoo to review two pairs of glasses that I loved… but sadly, I sat on and broke my favorite pair, and the other pair got run over by a lawn mower.

Yeah. For real.

And since I’m not fond of my old frames, I just don’t wear glasses on the blog (or to anywhere fancy, like… church… uh…) which is probably why if you’re relatively new you’ve never seen me in glasses before. And I don’t have contacts. The Nerdy Owl | So when Firmoo contacted me again recently to review another pair, I was ecstatic! I’ve been tired of my old frames for a really long time, but I’ll be honest: with me not working right now, we’re broke and can’t afford anything outside of necessities. On the list of needs, new glasses is at the bottom. The only way I’m getting new anything right now, quite frankly, is because of kind sponsors who send me complementary clothing to wear on my blog.

I am so thankful for this blog and all of the opportunities it’s sent my way!

The Nerdy Owl | Back to the glasses! I decided on these frames because they were a bit reminiscent of the other ones that I adored, but they’re a little bit rounder and slightly more retro looking. I adore them to no end, you guys. I’m so, so happy to finally have a new pair of glasses that I love, so that I can see what I’m doing when I take outfit pictures. Haha!

I really love Firmoo; it’s so easy to order and add in your prescription, and shipping was really fast! I think I ordered the glasses and they arrived perhaps two weeks later. Plus, they have SO many great frames to choose from!

These frames fit my face perfectly, I think! They’re very sturdy, which I need, and they’re really comfortable. Some frames make my ears hurt, but these ones don’t press weirdly (my ears are slightly crooked, which is probably the issue.) All around, I love them and I’m going to be extra careful with them because I don’t need to break yet another fantastic pair of frames.The Nerdy Owl | The Nerdy Owl | I feel very much more myself in glasses like these!

Also, I really love the deer-head brooch. I’ve got an obsession with woodland animals right now, and it’s right up my alley!The Nerdy Owl |

Dress and brooch, c/o Oasap | tights and shoes, Target | glasses, c/o Firmoo | scarf, husband-made | belt, thrifted

So tell me, what’s making you happy today?

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week! Happy Friday!

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  • skye

    That dress is so lovely! It really is the quintessential year-round dress, and it looks great with the belt. I’m also really fond of your hair piled up like that.

    What’s making me happy today? I saw The Producers last night, and I always have theater highs for a while after a good musical. It’s snowing here (Vermont) now, and I’m going to have a cozy night in with my lover!

  • Salazar

    I love how your scarf and tights echo the color in your hair and compliment the dress perfectly. Also, the scarf was made by Mr. Owl? I’m impressed!

    I’m overworked and grumpy, so the only thing that can make me happy today is a rewatch of “Black Books”. Dylan Moran shouting at people just calm me down 😛

  • Sydney McFerron

    I love the color palette of this outfit! It looks so bold and beautiful!
    xoxo Sydney

  • lisa

    Oh wow- I love this dress so much, the print and color are so fun! I love how you are wearing fall/winter colors but in a way that’s bright and more unique than what we usually see this time of year. Very cute 🙂

  • Heather Gwinn

    After seeing this post I immediately went out and bought that pin along with the black version of the red skirt you just got. Lol! I was pretty nuts about it. Actually you are rockin this whole outfit. I checked out the glasses place you spoke about too. There are a few pair I wouldn’t mind trying. Their prices aren’t too shabby. I wish I could get picked up by a place to get free goodies. But who wouldn’t heheh.

    Thanks for sharing, it’s always a treat to read your posts!


  • Mariah Alysz

    Absolutely loving this entire outfit! The dress is beyond amazing! Yellow is my favorite color, so I’m completely enamored with it. Also, you look fantastic in glasses! <3 Mariah