Silver Propet shoes, florals, and stripes

Florals, stripes, and silver Propet shoes | www.eccentricowl.comFlorals, stripes, and silver Propet shoes | I am very excited to review and show you the second pair of Propet shoes, which are a pretty silver flat with laser cutouts. These, as they suggested, do fit much better in the toe and are every bit as adorable and comfortable as the leopard print ones. I actually really love silver as a flat, too; I find that I rarely wear black shoes, but white tends to get very scuffed, and I’m not in favor of a nude shoe ever. So silver is a great substitute neutral.

I love that these have the cutouts in them; it’s perfect for what I’m guessing is going to be a very hot summer. Shoes that let the air in are a must for me right now! And I could wear these all day without discomfort. Florals, stripes, and silver Propet shoes | www.eccentricowl.comFlorals, stripes, and silver Propet shoes | I have to say, I think these flats are much prettier in person than they are online. But I do tend to like seeing people actually wear garments I’d purchase online, rather than just viewing the sole picture of them. I can see myself styling these with so many things — in fact, today I slipped them on for my monthly checkup with my midwife, and even though I wouldn’t have originally grabbed a silver shoe with what I was wearing, they were perfect!

Overall, I am really glad that I had neglected to check pricing before I agreed to work with Propet; otherwise I would have missed out on a great opportunity to try shoes that are both comfortable and adorable, and I would have never been able to recommend a good, affordable (according to those I know who have gotten them before) brand of orthopedic shoes to people who do need them.Florals, stripes, and silver Propet shoes | It’s funny how sometimes what you thought was a mistake on your part turns out to be a good thing — in my case, stretching the general price range of items I would normally promote to include some higher-end products. I am sure there are very few people who actually think as critically as I do regarding price points, but there are also very few people whose closets are roughly 75% thrifted, so… you know. It’s hard for me to judge what actually is a reasonable price, and what is overboard because I’m used to spending about $10 or less per garment or pair of shoes. Florals, stripes, and silver Propet shoes | Florals, stripes, and silver Propet shoes |

I want to thank Propet for letting me try out their shoes and ramble on about the weird things that I notice! I especially want to thank their representative, who has been the sweetest person to talk to, and who lives in Washington as well! Which I am prejudiced for.

If you need orthopedic shoes, or you are interested in more supportive shoes in general, definitely check out Propet, and don’t be afraid to reach out to a representative for help! I am thinking I might need to buy myself these tennis shoes in fuchsia (if I can justify having two pairs of workout shoes, since I just bought some elsewhere) because.. who doesn’t want a pair of bright pink workout shoes? I mean… okay, I might be a little bit obsessed with pink at the moment. But still.

Florals, stripes, and silver Propet shoes |

Shirt and belt, thrifted | skirt, c/o Oasap | shoes, c/o Propet (find here) | glasses, c/o Firmoo

What plans do you all have for the weekend? My husband and I are going to the drive-in movies tonight to see Jurassic World and Pitch Perfect 2, which should be really fun (also, if you live somewhere that doesn’t have a drive-in movie park, come here and I’ll take you because it is the best way to watch movies ever.), and I am hoping to go garage sale-ing tomorrow, and then Sunday we start the process to make a short film for a couple we know who want to raise awareness for foster care.

And I’m excited to share the project I completed (and posted peeks at on Instagram) this morning; I’ve gotten more into sewing again, and made myself a circle skirt that I’m actually quite pleased with. I’ve discovered that I am not a pattern person — I really hate following patterns, because they never fit me correctly and there’s always something I dislike about them. But give me some fabric and free reign (with Google on hand should I come across an issue I can’t solve and my pattern-dependent mother can’t help with) and I’m in heaven! It turned out much better than I had expected, although there were still a few mistakes that I’ll know not to make next time, and I am so in love. Circle skirts are the best.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Happy Friday!


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  • Heather Gwinn

    Your shoes are really cute. I could see myself wearing a pair of silver flats. How do you get so many places to work with you and let you promote their products? Sounds really fun!

    I don’t like following patterns either! But that might be because I find them confusing, unless they have a ton of photos. I usually just wing it using my own cutouts when needed, googling for help when I’m stuck too.

    As for my weekend, should flights cooperate, (stand by flyers) we will be wandering around that way! Totally spur of the moment but I suppose that is how we roll. Lol!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Ahaha! I think probably the fact that I have a more or less well-established blog (five years and counting) helps? I really don’t know! I get a moderate amount of offers, mostly spam but also some interesting ones and many of them are probably based on my archives — wedding/bridesmaid dress offers, skincare, shoes, clothing, etc. I’m guessing just having a lot of archives to pull in results, and having been commenting around for quite a few years helps tremendously!

      Ugh, that too; I learn/create much better with visual aid than text aid! And it’s more fun to wing it; you get a completely unique and personalized garment!

      OH exciting!!! I hope flights do cooperate!

      • Heather Gwinn

        Thanks and that’s probably true! We’ve been looking at places all over and found some pretty places to stay for cheap on Vashon island and surrounding islands. Piper is thrilled to ride a ferry. Although I think she has another idea of what riding on a ferry is lol! Any suggestions on what to do around there or good eats?

        • Eccentric Owl

          NO WAY Vashon Island? I live literally a mile away from the Southworth ferry that takes people to Vashon! if you come the Port Orchard way, Amy’s on the Bay is really good, plus my favorite Goodwill is on the way and all of the best antique stores. Amy’s is one of my favorite restaurants. I think there’s also a Farmer’s Market on Sundays in downtown/waterfront Port Orchard. And also will you be there tomorrow or…? Because if you did take the ferry this way I would love to meet you! We will be home for a short while in the afternoon.

        • Eccentric Owl

          (Of course, Seattle and Pikes Place are cool too but I’m prejudiced for the waterfront of Port Orchard! I’ve never explored Vashon but my father in law lived in and manned the lighthouse there 40+ years ago!)

    • Jill Kirchner Avey

      Hi Heather,
      I would be happy to show you our line of shoes too! Can you send me an email at to connect? And, by the way, I worked on Vashon for 5 years. It’s a wonderful place and I hope you have a great time. Looks like we are in for a nice weekend. We have been getting the usual marine layer in the mornings lately so don’t let that scare you, it burns off. And, if you can make it to Fremont tomorrow, the Solstice Parade is a sight to see. It’s my favorite parade ever because there is no corporate sponsorship and everything has to be human powered so the floats are super creative and help us celebrate the sun coming for a few months! – Jill Avey