Vintage coat, swing dress, and bumper bangs

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The Long Hunt

Happy New Year! I hope your celebrations were fun and safe, and that your year has started out awesomely! My year began pretty quietly, as we’re all going through varying levels of sickness at the moment. We went to bed at 10pm on New Years Eve, and slept in on New Years’ day! It was pretty  nice, actually! And now, as we all mend, we’re taking this day off to just rest and heal up and clean this disaster of a house.

I thought it was only appropriate to start the year out here on the blog with a coat that took me literally a year to purchase.

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I saw this gorgeous 1950’s coat with its attached mink collar at my local Goodwill over a year ago. However, after much consideration I decided to leave it behind, as it was priced more than I wanted to spend and I had other items I needed more. As the months went on, I didn’t see it there any more and figured someone had purchased it.

But then, somehow, I visited Goodwill on one of their tag-sale days. And there in all its glory was this coat, now on tag sale for under $2. You can bet I snatched this coat up immediately and didn’t let it go! I never expected that deciding to wait would pay off in such a big way, but here I am now in possession of this dreamy coat, and I could not be happier!  The Long Hunt | eyreeffect.comThe Long Hunt |

This dress is also a product of waiting, although of a different sort. After purging a lot of my wardrobe on a BST site, I had some money to spend on things that fit correctly and went searching through Amazon for a good longer-sleeved dress for fall and winter. I happened upon this and two others, and took my time considering all of them and their pros and cons. When I finally settled on this beauty, I placed my order… and waited about 1-1/2 months for it to be marked as sold.

And then to my dismay, its tracking told me that it would not be delivered for another month!

Thankfully, though, tracking was wrong and it was delivered only 4 days later. The Long Hunt |

This, too, was well worth the wait! While it does arrive MUCH faster if you have Amazon Prime, I didn’t mind the long shipping time as the dress itself is so pretty and comfortable! I appreciate the working buttons that don’t gap, the stretchy material, and the super full skirt. Any dress I can twirl in is a dress worth waiting for. And the color is so beautiful!

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This year, I already feel like I have accomplished some of my goals. There are some things in the works for the blog that I’m super excited about, and I’ve been making good choices in regards to the foods I’ve been choosing to put into my body! It’s so easy to make excuses when you’re coming down from being sick, but I’m determined! Besides which, a sick body needs healthy choices, not junk food!

Blog wise, though, I have so many ideas spinning through my head and I can’t wait to bring them to fruition!

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Can we also talk about these shoes? They’re the Chase and Chloe brand, from which I have gotten two of my favorite pairs — these red wedges, and these yellow ones. I was wandering Goodwill one day on a surprise tag sale day. All orange tags were 99 cents. Lo and behold, right before I was about to leave I spotted these beauties, orange tagged, looking almost brand new! I couldn’t believe my luck and of course I snagged them.

While thrifting is definitely something that takes a lot of dedication and time, sometimes those last-minute visits can be so rewarding! I had no idea that the tag sale was going on, and actually no intention of buying anything for myself! I was totally there for my kids and husband, so it was a fun little treat to find a good brand of shoes waiting just for me!

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I hope you have all had a great start to your new year! I think 2017 will be the best year yet! What did you do to celebrate?

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