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    1950s Housewife Daily Routine – with Kids

    For the last four years I have been searching and working to create a realistic 1950s Housewife Routine. Most of the videos and blog posts I see come from women who have no kids, and as y’all know I have four, so I often wondered what it would be like to run through a routine WITH kids. I also noticed a lot of people who do these routines tend to focus on being super glamorous and doing all the beauty things. What, then, would a real 1950s Housewife Routine be like? Would the 1950s woman really spend an hour on her hair and wear a full face of makeup? Would…

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    Cottagecore Belle

    Lately I have been really into Cottagecore. Some people love it, some people hate it, some people don’t really even know what it is. And to be honest, I ride around the edges of cottagecore; I’m not 100% into the super girly side, nor the almost-grandma side. I’m somewhere between cottagecore and vintage garden girl, which is an aesthetic that makes me supremely happy. I found this dress on Amazon, and immediately knew I had to do a Cottagecore Belle look. After my Beauty and the Beast maternity shoot last year, I’ve been wanting to do a pared-down take on the princesses. Someone suggested I should do a “happily ever…

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    Miss Candyfloss Danielle-Rose Dress & Matching Masks to Outfits

    There has never been a Miss Candyfloss Dress I didn’t love. A few weeks ago, I worked up the courage to finally email Miss Candyfloss to ask if they’d consider collaborating with me. They have been one of my favorite brands for years now. So when they responded yes, I was over the moon! If you aren’t aware, Miss Candyfloss is a Swedish brand focused on 1940s and 1950s fashion with a modern twist. They strive to create classic, durable garments that can be passed from mother to daughter and they have a focus on sustainability. Every dress I’ve owned from them has been perfect. Dress c/o Miss Candyfloss ||…

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    New Year, Same Dress || Miss Candyfloss Plaid

    This year has been eventful! So far this year I’ve been doing terribly at blogging regularly, haven’t I? The funny thing is, I took a TON of photos in January and a decent amount in February, but I think I got overwhelmed with which content to post first and then it just… never happened. I have had this draft of my favorite Miss Candyfloss dress sitting here in my blog drafts for over a month now. It’s time it gets seen, even if this outfit is a month old! I think there’s this drive a lot of creators have to create NEW content, and we forget that it’s really ok…

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    Collectif Tartan in the Snow

    It finally snowed here. Our first (and probably last!) snow of the year has been absolutely beautiful and, as I write this, is not over. I will never not take photos in the snow. For me, since we don’t get snow often, there’s something so magical about it! Yesterday I wore this gorgeous plaid Collectif tartan dress, and it’s the perfect weight for all of the cold weather. With a double layer of tights, some warm Maurice’s furry boots, and a cape, I felt quite toasty despite the extreme weather. dress, Collectif here or similar here || cape, old (similar) || brooch, vintage (similar) || Tights, We Love Colors ||…

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