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    A Short History of Lane Bryant

    My friend Laci Fay sent me this vintage Lane Bryant dress. It belonged to one of three sisters who owned a house together and never got rid of anything. Each sister had a different level, and each sister was a different size. We don’t know much about them, but the thought is fascinating! After their deaths, someone bought the house sight unseen and there was so much that even after the estate sale a massive amount of things were left. And, because the people who bought it are unfamiliar with vintage, they were just going to throw away the clothes. They had no idea these things were precious! Because they let…

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    An Honest Talk about Weight

    If anyone needs a little warning that this post contains some honest body image talk, here it is. I talk about my weight gains and surrounding factors and some struggles I have with weight. I understand completely if you simply scroll on past and only look at the pictures! This year has been hard. I don’t think anyone would disagree, it’s been a rough year emotionally, physically, mentally, and medically for so many people. And to be honest, sometimes I feel as though my problems and emotions are really small in the grand scheme of things. I am healthy. My family is healthy. Covid-19 has really only impacted us financially,…

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    All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go || Pandemic Style

    Lately, I have been feeling like a blob. You see, I thought that the Pandemic had  not really affected us much — what, with me being a stay-at-home mom, us having shared a single car for almost our entire 8 years or marriage, already being used to having the kids home 24/7 (so homeschooling this year isn’t a big deal), and just generally being a homebody. I thought… Covid really didn’t change much about my life. Right? I stay home all the time anyway, right? But there are little things that have changed. In the last eleven months I’ve only been thrifting maybe 4 times. In the last eleven months…

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    The Corpse Bride Cosplay || Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween! This year is my first really involved costume – I had to upsize and make over this 1960s wedding gown to be The Corpse Bride. I really didn’t want to mess with the gown too much, so my makeover wasn’t very extreme. It had sleeves at one point, and I removed those. They had become frizzy from catching on sequins in the gown. After removing them, I realized I could reuse that lace as an overlay for the panel I put into the back so that it would fit me. To be honest, I was really afraid to ruin this dress — despite the fact that I’ve had…

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    A Very Vintage Nightmare Before Christmas || Sally

    Happy October 1st! When I saw this 1950s dress from Backroom Finds, I knew I  needed it. Not only does it give off amazing Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas vibes, but the colors in general are so unique and gorgeous! Among other things, it is going to be part of my Halloween lookbook, wherein I’m trying to recreate various Tim Burton characters. I’m so excited to get going with some very Halloween content; this year is the first year where I’ve had the forethought to plan out some spooky things. This first day of October also brought forth some appropriately spooky weather: the fog rolled in overnight, and it…

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