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    Maroon, love, and baby names

    If you missed it on Instagram yesterday, I posted baby Owl’s first and middle initials, which are A and R, to see what people would guess his name was going to be. My favorite guesses were Atticus Rex, Aragorn Romulus, and my friend who said “The scientific name of the Unspotted Saw-Whet Owl is Aegolius Ridgwayi. Guys… I figured it out” And, of course, with Mr. Owl’s family, as soon as we gave the initials one of his sisters guessed the first name right away, and I discovered that my husband does NOT have a poker face. He turns bright red. It’s pretty funny! But his actual name is Asa…

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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today, I am thankful for so many things: my caring, hardworking, crazy, weird, hilarious, sexy, loving, amazing husband; the baby who gets more and more active every day (especially when there’s food!); my family (including my in-laws), which grows bigger and more amazing every year; and the little things. A roof over our heads, food to eat, a great job, this blog. I am so blessed some days I just can’t believe it! I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful day! bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press

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    Love and Fall Leaves

    On Sunday, my husband and I went in search of some good fall trees to shoot photos, and we found the perfect location in the parking lot of a school close to where I grew up. They have the most gorgeous red and yellow trees right now! Oh my goodness, I could have died. And in a moment of rarity, I let my husband do the picture-taking. I’m so picky about pictures, and I definitely need to learn to relax and let him do his thing, because he is an excellent photographer. I’m just a control freak when it comes to taking outfit pictures, ha! It was a lot of…

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    70’s girl

    Every once in a while, I actually let my hair be its natural self– straight–, and when I do I get this urge to part my hair in the middle. I personally love it– somehow it makes me feel a bit more glamorous than a side part — but my husband? Well… it’s been a journey. First, it was that he didn’t like it, and he couldn’t tell me why. Then, I finally dug out of him that I don’t look like me with my hair like this — aka, it’s just not what he’s used to. Then, he started to just look at me funny before he figured out…

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    You guys, I just realized that I can blog from my phone. So long as I’m either blogging pictures from my phone or have previously uploaded them somewhere, I can use the (free!!!) WordPress app to blog right on my mobile device. I mean, awesome or what!? I am seriously pumped that I can blog with one finger on my couch while snacking on an apple that I shouted at in German a few minutes ago for falling on the floor. Because yeah. That’s what I’m doing. Don’t worry, I washed the apple. And the German thing wasn’t as epic as it sounds. I only know how to say yes/no,…