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Fall Colors and Pregnancy Updates

2Dressember Days10 Do you ever have those days where you have several different outfits to post, and you just can’t decide which one to go with first? This week has been like that. I have three different Dressember outfits in my backlog, and after debating a lot about which one to share first, I decided… might as well keep going in Chronological order. Haha! I have a hard time sharing posts out of order from when they happened!

Please ignore the weird stain on the dress skirt; I have no idea where that came from! But that happens a lot. I can’t see anything past the top of my belly, so I often find that I’ve got food or other weird things on my lower half when I get home and look in the mirror. It’s wonderful. But not really, haha!

I am really feeling the craziness of the fact that I’m going to have a baby soon. I feel like I haven’t nearly done enough to get his little nursery area ready, and I haven’t stocked anything up (I should probably get the diaper and wipe collection going! Not to mention nursing pads…), and I don’t have it set up quite the way I’ve wanted it to be… so many things I should be doing!

(Ignore the creepy look. Giving the neighbor’s dogs an eye because they bark at me even though I can’t see them and I’m pretty sure they can’t see me.)

I definitely feel inspired today to make a list and start buying up all of the things I’ll need once the baby is born. I only have 5 weeks left until he arrives (unless he’s early, in which case… ah! I hope not!) and I don’t even have burp cloths for him yet.

I also really need to stock up on everything because it’s getting harder to move around and shop. I am quite sore most days from my body stretching and the pressure of having a baby in my stomach, so walking has become… um… pathetic… ha! I limp, pretty much.

6 But still, that’s the worst of it! I mean, other than the occasional (okay, fine, daily) forgetfulness and feeling some Braxton Hicks from time to time. Pregnancy has been fantastically wonderful for me. I still haven’t swollen up, and if I do have stretch marks on my stomach they’re not visible right now so I’m hoping for the best, and I don’t have back pain or anything like that. If I eat well, I feel great.

Eating meals is a challenge, simply because this baby takes up all the room in my body now (seriously, where do organs go when you’re pregnant???) and I can’t eat nearly as much in one sitting as I’m used to! I discovered while taking these pictures that if I don’t consume food every few hours, I’ll get shaky and lightheaded.  8PicMonkey Collage
I also feel lucky that I have basically just gained baby. I mean, I weighed in last night at almost 190 pounds, but my hips actually measured an inch less than they were the last time I took measurements – which makes only an inch gained from pre-baby measurements– , and my belly is now exactly equal to my butt measurement. I think part of why I love being pregnant is that my figure has evened out and I feel much more equal than I was pre-pregnancy.

It’s funny, because people keep reassuring me that it’s totally okay for me to have gained weight while pregnant, that it’s all baby, etc… and the thing is, I DO know it’s okay, and that it’s all baby. I know my body and my measurements; I haven’t gained weight in the face, I haven’t swollen up in my hands or my feet, and everything except for my boobs and belly looks virtually the same as it did before I got pregnant. I try to convey the scale increase in a positive way, but people still feel compelled to reassure me, I guess!

Then again, I know several people who were discouraged by pregnancy weight gain, while I’m totally and completely okay with the numbers on the scale because I know it’s healthy and most of it is definitely the baby. I wish all pregnant women could feel this way or realize this about weight gain during pregnancy!


Target cardigan and ring | Nordstrom Rack tights | Romy camisole | JC Penney boots | Thrifted dress and belt | Distinctive short necklace c/o Oasap

So, I have a question for those of you who do online shopping a lot: I am going to put up my vintage shop again, but I would like to know whether you guys prefer to see garments unstyled and on a mannequin or hanger, or whether you’d rather see a garment styled into an outfit on a person?

I have a ton of vintage wintery skirts I need to list before the baby is born (less to do!), but I have no idea whether I should photograph them as blank canvas items or style them on myself or someone else (some of them definitely do not fit the belly)! What are your thoughts?

The husband and I are going to see the second installment of The Hobbit this afternoon, and I am SO excited! I really want to wear something Middle-Earth-Character-inspired, but I have no idea what to do, and right now I’m really inspired by Alex’s latest outfit post. SO I might not go as a Hobbit or Elf after all.

I hope you all have a great Friday!


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