Bunnies and bare faces

2As a blogger who is also currently breastfeeding, I really try my hardest never to post outfits that I am not actually wearing — say, outfits I can only wear in the three hours between feedings because they’re high-necked dresses/really stiff tee shirts/not button up/not stretchy… whatever the case, I only post those outfits if I actually wore them for an event (wedding) or to church.

I’ve seen a few new-mom bloggers who continue to wear dresses with high necks and no way to breastfeed in them, and while I totally get wanting to dress up even for a few hours, it’s just not realistic! I prefer to stay real.

So today I’m sharing this outfit both because I’m super excited that the tee shirts I got from Oasap this week are breastfeeding-friendly (aka super stretchy, and easy to pull up or pull the neck down), and because I decided I should share the other part of me that’s super realistic this week: no makeup.


Well, okay. Barely any makeup. I have concealer under my eyes and right around my nose. But that’s it, I promise!

This week with moving and packing and (yesterday) a somewhat needy/cranky baby, dressing up and putting on makeup has been at the bottom of my list! 6Yesterday was particularly exhausting for me, since Asa was the crankiest I have ever seen him, but then I got a package in the mail with a few cute tee shirts and earrings and some crazy fun sunglasses, so I decided I needed to at least make half an effort to wear them! I think this bunny tee is my favorite of the three I ordered; I love Oasap’s tee shirts, seriously; the three I got yesterday are all this great stretchy material that I prefer to cotton blends, and the neck is easily wide enough that I can feed Asa while wearing it.

Plus, I mean… how cute is the bunny?     119 I love that the bow is an actual bow and not a printed one. Plus, the bunny is printed on really well, and feels nice. You know how some screen tees just have a gross feeling? This one isn’t like that. The space with the print is slightly rougher than the rest of the shirt, but I think a wash or two will dissolve that and leave it soft and nice! And the roughness isn’t sticky like some prints can be, so I don’t mind!10

I’m so excited to be done packing and moving. I actually really like packing; it makes it much easier for me to organize and get rid of things while I box them up, and then when I unpack it’s easy to neatly put things away!

I have a pile of clothes to try on or toss now, after going through my closet and evaluating/packing the 52 dresses hanging there (haha, and I have a few more that weren’t hanging, oops! Don’t tell my husband.). Today I hope to get most of the upstairs packed, tomorrow I’ll pack everything downstairs, and Saturday… we move!

And then Sunday is my birthday! It’s a busy week. 3

bunny shirt c/o Oasap | JC Penney boots | Motherhood maternity jeans | thrifted vintage scarf

Yes. I’m still wearing my maternity jeans. Why? Because they are awesomely comfortable, and I never have to worry about anything when I bend over. So, you know. I love them.

I hope you are all having a good week! Happy Thursday!

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  • Jamie Rose

    Aw this bunny shirt is super cute with the actual bow on it! I love that. It’s a-okay to be super comfy once in a while too – or a lot of the time. Either way! Maybe those other mom bloggers aren’t breast feeding and that’s why they’re wearing high-necked dresses? I like that you wear what you actually wear everyday in real life though.

    • Eccentric Owl

      I know a few of them are breastfeeding, but the others I’m not sure! I mostly just think of the hassle it is to wear something you can’t breastfeed in and wonder how they do it, haha!

  • Mom

    You are so beautiful, Sweetie. The makeup just accentuates it. I love no make-up! I am glad you are not shy about people seeing your naked face! : )