This last week has been a crazy busy one because we were planning Asa’s first birthday party (pictures coming tomorrow!) and as a result my husband and I didn’t ever get a chance to grab outfit shots over the weekend. Not that I really dressed up much. I have basically been wearing the same dress… Read More Pinkish.

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My Week on Instagram

The two biggest things of the week, obviously: I started writing again (and subsequently kept forgetting descriptive words and just marking my place with “WORD” so that I could go back and replace it. Hopefully I remember to actually do that…) and I went blonde. I am shocked by how big of a difference it… Read More My Week on Instagram

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  After taking an inventory of my closet (yes, I do that…) I realized that of the 35 (plus… cuz I bought more like… I shouldn’t have…) skirts in my closet, I wear… oh, probably about ten of them in rotation. Given, some of them are not year-round skirts (wool, or very light summery fabric),… Read More Instagram Outfits