I only like bugs when they’re turquoise and big enough to sit on.

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 Details: Cardigan($5), Target; Shirt($6), New York&Co.; Skirt ($12.97), thrifted (Forever 21); Shoes ($10), Walmart;
Approximate outfit cost: $33.97 

I don’t have much to say today. My mom and I went to the fabric store, and I got a beautiful pattern… but every single fabric I wanted to use didn’t have enough. I suck at picking out good fabrics.

And then we went to my favorite restaurant and ate this:

I love gyros. They are without a doubt my favorite food.Ever.

Someone asked me if I was Greek once. I was standing at a Gyro stand at the fair. Of course, I was much darker then. But still. I think it’s funny, I tend to be a chameleon, and people never know where I’m from.

So! One of the things I bought at that garage sale a few days ago… was Jane Eyre. I already have one edition of the book, but when I found this one I HAD to buy it. It was only fifty cents, and it’s the same publisher, year, and illustrator of my copy of Wuthering Heights. It’s beautiful.

Here’s the front page:

And the first chapter:

And one of the many amazing illustrations:

I am so in love with this edition. The edition my best friend got me was amazing, but this…oh.I love it. It matches my Wuthering Heights, it’s got illustrations, it’s antique, it’s in excellent condition… it’s gorgeous.

Unfortunately, unlike my Wuthering Heights, the Jane Eyre cover isn’t very spectacular.

And now I have two editions of my favorite book. Wait! Three. One is a Young Reader’s Digest condensed version, but still. I’m so very happy.

(More pictures of my Wuthering Heights book here, here, and here)

I hope you are all having a beautiful Thursday!

Other ways I’ve worn this cardigan:


  • Demy

    !!! Gyros???? Seriously?? I didn’t know that you could eat this in USA!! haha! Just for the record, in Greece this is called ‘pita’ and the meat that is in the pita is called ‘gyros’! Hmm…is this white thing supposed to be tzatziki?? I actually hate tzatziki (yes, I don’t think I’m Greek at all :P), but I can assure you that if/when you come to Greece you’ll taste the best pita ever!! Btw, you could easily pass for Greek. You do look like one! 😀
    Love love love the outfit! I’m speechless! Colors colors and more colors! LOVE IT! It’s perfect! You look simply stunning! And LOL at your title hahahhahahaa!! I agree! 😀
    Jane Eyre <3 Isn't it amazing? I really love this edition, the illustrations seem to be so special and pretty! Every time I read it, I cry and want to read it again and again! I haven't read Wuthering Hights yet, though.. Shame on me 😛

    • Mara

      Yes, gyros! They’re my favorite. We call the bread pita as well, and the overall wrap a gyro. It’s definitely my favorite. And I have no idea what the white stuff is called! Hehe.

      Thank you, dear! 😀

      It is amazing. You NEED to read Wuthering Heights! It’s so good!

  • Jamie Rose

    I love gyros too! We get the best ones when we visit family up in Illinois. They put a huge pile of meat on it! So tasty. I can’t wait to get one in a couple weeks.

    Your outfit is so colorful and fun today! I love the print on your skirt – very pretty

    • Mara

      Reading all the comments is making me want another gyro! I ought to learn how to make them. 😀 So yummy.

      Thank you!

  • Liv

    Hi there! I found your blog through freshly pressed and am loving it! You dress so nicely =) I love the floral skirt here. Best of wishes, enjoying your blog!


  • Jennifer

    Gyros and old books. Fabulous together!

    Gyros are all over Muncie, Indiana (though most hoosiers call them Jyros, drives me nuts).

    I just returned from a trip where I managed to score several books that are, themselves, over 100 years old. Lots of Dickens, Sinclair, Byron, Bronte… name but a few. Some are original printings from 1895 a few older, a few newer. All gifts from a friend who just had to clear out his father’s house. He wanted the books to go to someone who would treasure them. He found the right home.

    • Demy

      Jyros? hahaha! Well actually since I’m Greek I can tell you that the real name is not gyros but not jyros either. It’s yiros (the ‘y’ is spelled like in ‘yell’).

      • Jennifer

        And I am certainly NOT one who pronounced them wrong, believe me. 🙂

        I was just thrilled we ended up with them here at all. Because of Ball State University, I’m sure.

    • Mara

      Hahaha, people who call them “Jyros” annoy me. Ah well.

      It sounds like I would probably steal all of your books if I could. They sound gorgeous! I’m jealous.

  • Jennifer

    I will keep you in the loop should these ever need a new home.

    Still reeling from your style. So jealous. I am one of those who can’t really pull it off, but you do so fabulously.

    I am really enjoying the discovery of your blog. It gives me inspiration. Also hope to enter your writing “contest”.

    • Mara

      😀 Yay!

      You know, a year ago I wouldn’t have thought I could have pulled any of this off, either. I think it just takes time and persistence to find what works for you!

      Yes, please do!