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Polkadots and Pregnancy


So lately, people have been asking if I’m having the baby soon (as in, they think I’m almost due), and when I tell them I still have three months, everyone tries to backtrack really hard. It’s incredibly sweet of them to really not want to offend this pregnant woman by thinking I look… well… really pregnant, but here’s the thing: dude, I’m pregnant. I carry the kid ALL in the belly, so I know it sticks out.

And you know what? That’s totally and completely okay. In fact, I love it. I love looking really pregnant. First of all, I know I don’t look fat, so let’s not even worry about that. Second of all, the midwife tells me I’ve only gained 11 pounds (not the 13 I thought), and apparently it’s all gone to the belly/boobs so obviously I’m gonna look super pregnant. Thirdly, even SHE thought I was further along than I am. And hey, if even the midwife can’t tell, then how should anyone else be able to know?

3But I’ve been told multiple times that I don’t look pregnant from the back or in the face, and since I haven’t started swelling anywhere BUT the stomach, how could I possibly be offended for being told… oh hey, you look pregnant!

It just makes me laugh. I like looking pregnant. Cuz, you know, I am and all that. Maybe if I had gained a bunch of extra weight and felt chubby, I’d be more sensitive to looking further along.

I just can’t wait to see what people say in another month. Or when I’m actually due.

13I have really positive feelings about being pregnant in general. Maybe I’m just too optimistic, but I feel as though… continuing the way I’m headed, I don’t think I’ll suffer from usual stuff like too much weight gain, water retention and swelling, major stretch marks, hard back problems, etc. My midwife was extremely pleased that I’m eating Paleo, and thinks it’s the healthiest and best way to go about nourishing myself and the baby. Since I’m not eating a ton of junk food (although I’ll be honest: this weekend I had what felt like a ton of junk, and it wasn’t worth it except for the Mediterranean Lamb Burger) and salt, and I drink a lot of water anyway, I don’t think I’ll have much (if any) water retention, nor weight gain (which means less back problems and less stretch marks), plus I tend to over-moisturize my skin which will also help stave off stretch marks.

Let’s face it, I’m sure I’ll get some, especially growing the way I have been. But perhaps less than if I was eating poorly, not drinking water, and not taking care of my skin.

10And, I mean, so far at what people tell me looks like 8-9 months pregnant and already measuring what my mom did when she was 9 months pregnant with her first child, I have none. Here’s hoping that continues!

But enough about pregnancy. Let’s talk about Paleo, too! (And also this dress. Which I might go back and get even though the husband doesn’t understand peplums.)

Give or take, I’ve been Paleo (with the exception of weekends, which I am more lax about because… it’s hard to be good with a husband who loves junk food) for a week and a half now and I feel better despite the weekend slips! I finally got through all of my cookbooks, and I have a nice huge list of great recipes that can be made Paleo or don’t need to be altered at all! I’m SO excited about it. And I can’t get over how much I actually really love eating Paleo. It’s so freeing not to have to worry about indigestion or heartburn or gas or any of the things that come with eating dairy, sugar, grains, and beans.


I had forgotten how much easier it is to cook, too. And just how amazing food is. I appreciate food so much more when I’m not eating the bad stuff. And I realize how… not worth it most of the junk food is: this weekend I had some dark chocolate (which, okay, one square is worth it, but half the bar is not), some sugar-free peanut butter candies, and some dried pineapple with added sugar (okay America, what the heck, it’s freaking pineapple it doesn’t need more sugar!), and after having those things I realized: it wasn’t filling, I wasn’t satisfied when I was done, my teeth had that terrible sugar coating, I had a sour aftertaste, and I had that weird sugar-grogginess. Just not worth it.

If I’m not careful, I’m going to turn into a total health nut.

Except not. I love eating too much. And the thing is… which I will probably write about later this week when I do a recipe post… eating Paleo, to me, does not qualify as a “health nut” way of life, nor does it deserve to be called a “diet” in the traditional “restrictive weight loss program” sense of the word. Because it’s not restrictive, in my opinion (I get to eat this. Does that look restricted to you?), and of course it’s not a weight loss program.

15But it IS healthy eating, and I think that’s where people get stuck and scared off. Healthy, in the minds of a lot of people, tends to bring up pictures of tasteless foods and too many salads, and diets that don’t work, constant fighting to stick with it, exhaustion, denying yourself.. etc.

My goal is to make you all want my food so bad you won’t even realize it’s good for you. Haha! But seriously. Food was made to nourish you, yes, but it should also be fun to eat. Food should taste good. And if it doesn’t… I don’t eat it.


Speaking of which, I’m really hungry so I think I’ll go make myself a good breakfast.

I’m so excited to share some of the posts I have planned this week! It’s so nice to have backup posts planned! I’m finally getting back into sharing makeup tutorials (Although they’ll be pictures and not videos), and I’m also getting started with DIY projects that I can’t wait to share!


Dress: Thrifted | Heels, Kohl’s | Lipstick: Target (Revlon Lasting Finish Kate Moss Collection in 01)

I hope you all are having a fantastic start to the week! I woke up with a sugar/dairy/grain hangover (aka, groggy and really tired), but now that I’ve had my coffee (with almond milk, which is really great actually) I’m feeling much better!

Happy Monday!


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  • Marla Rogers

    SO EXCITED for makeup tutorials and DIYs :] Also thanks for more paleo inspo…do you find it hard to stay on track when you go out to eat? I’m mostly gluten free but I find it almost impossible to go out to eat and stick with it…and I LOVE going out to eat.

    • Eccentric Owl

      You’re welcome! And yes, it is REALLY hard. I usually compromise with foods I know don’t affect me too badly (such as grains) or order the thing on the menu that has the least amount of worse foods in it. But thankfully we don’t go out to eat that much so it’s not a huge problem, and if we do go out, it’s usually not going to cause me big trouble to stray just that once.
      You can always sort of research restaurants in your area to see what they serve! It’s no fun being stuck with salads and that’s it at a restaurant.

      • Marla Rogers

        Thank you for the tips…gahh I wish there were collections of restaurants for certain dietary restrictions. Also since you eat no sugar, does that include fruit?

        • Eccentric Owl

          Me too! And no, that doesn’t include fruit (fruit is a food, not a sugar. 🙂 ) With Paleo you eat: meat, fish, eggs, all veggies, all fruits, healthy fats like olive and coconut oil and avocados and olives, nuts, seeds, any spices (without added sugar, of course), any non-legume oils (so no soybean oil, for example), any vinegars (without added sugars, again), and… um… I think that covers it for the most part. I’ll be doing a sort of… “What is Paleo?” post to answer lots of questions people have asked me either at the end of this week, or beginning of next!

  • Girl and Closet

    It sounds like you’re having an awesome pregnancy + you look amazing!! How wonderful to be able to manage your weight like that. Fingers crossed that will be my case too. And this outfit is adorable, polka-dots you can never go wrong!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  • Amia

    I’ve been really curious about the paleo diet ever since has been sharing paleo things and it seems really interesting. I’m always trying to find ways to eat more healthy meals, not as a diet but just for a healthier lifestyle. I do agree that sugary things leave me unsatisfied after they’re gone too.

  • Marlen

    it does seriously look like you’re all belly- you seriously look like you haven’t gained a pound and it’s just one big baby in there, haha! and the paleo diet would be so hard for me since i don’t eat meat at home- take out the grains and dairy and i’m basically a vegan haha. i’m still excited to hear some of your recipes though- i’m sure some of them can be altered to be veggie 😀

    xo marlen
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