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Well, you guys, it’s the last day of the year! And what better way to end the year than with a fabulous dress? Sunday Millie sent me this adorable 60’s number, and I LOVE it! My husband is skeptical about the fabric– it’s a mixture of satiny and rough — but I told him it doesn’t matter. The pattern is cute, I happen to like the fabric, and it’s one of those awesome tent dresses that can be belted for shape, or left flowing if you’re feeling lazy.


I keep thinking I should be writing a deep and thoughtful look back at the year on this last day of 2013, but I’ve never really been one to look back. I’m more excited about what is going to happen. Tomorrow is the first day of a four-day family vacation to the ocean, and then I’m going to have a baby, and I’ll be improving my health via cleaning out all the dairy, grains, sugars, and legumes from my diet (I don’t drink alcohol, so I usually forget to even add that to the list, ha!); we’ll be moving to a new house sometime around April, we’ll have our second anniversary (still far away, but…) and generally… I am just too excited about the new year coming to think about the old one past!


Not that this year didn’t have good things happen! I mean, four days after we discussed maybe trying to start having kids, we found out I was already pregnant; I tried the whole blonde hair thing; I got a job to work from home; we celebrated our first year anniversary… and I’m sure there’s more that my pregnant brain cannot remember right now.


I have fifteen days left. Fifteen days, give or take, and then I’ll have a little person in my arms to take care of. I can’t even imagine what that is going to be like! I’m actually more afraid of the thought of… pushing out a baby, because THAT is going to hurt, than I am of raising a kid. The pressure of parenthood hasn’t hit me yet. It’s hit my husband, though, which is probably good. One of us has to be concerned that we’ll be good parents, haha!

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I might get fancy later this evening; we’re going to see The Hobbit again, this time with my dad and my brother who have yet to see it. And I can’t decide if I’m ambitious enough to wear two dresses today. Mostly because I didn’t sleep long enough last night and the stretchy yoga pants are calling my name… but also because pregnant = difficult to get things off. Like these tights. It’s a miracle I even got them on!

And because it’s the end of the year and I must leave you all with good memories:

9 I hereby grace you with the last outtake of the year. I think another resolution of mine might just be not to take myself so seriously all the time, and provide you all with the craziness that I sometimes possess. I am a definite face-maker, but when blogging I always go the “Oh, but they don’t know me that well and I want to look sane and pretty!” route.

So, 2014: expect more craziness, more faces, and more life. Also, baby. Lots and lots of baby.


Dress, c/o Sunday Millie | cardigan and tights, Target | JC Penney boots | thrifted belt

I hope you all have a very happy and safe New Years Eve, and a wonderful, wonderful New Year!


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  • Mom

    I love the tent dress. You make them look so good, that I might even try one some day. With a belt, of course. Just to see you holding your son in your arms will make me cry! You will love being a mommy and will be great at it! Happy New Year!

  • Jamie Rose

    You’re so cute. I really like the pattern on this dress and how great it looks with the yellow tights and cardigan.

    You have so much to look forward to in this new year so no wonder you’re looking forward! I know I would have such a hard time with your diet though since I love my craft beers and half and half in my coffee! I know it makes you feel better though so you keep doing what your body tells you to do! I hope you have a super happy new year! Have a great trip to the beach too.

  • Salazar

    That dress is super cute, but what I really love is that brooch. Just gorgeous.

    Anyway, have a great vacation! Oh and please remind me about the guest post because I’m terrible about that kind of thing 😛

  • Rubee Best

    I love this dress. I’m exactly the same- I don’t seem to have given much thought to bringing up a child and all my anxieties are focused on the birth! X

  • Desarae

    I love your faces! So much fun…I look forward to seeing more of those this coming year- and I always love your sense of humor and funny little tidbits. 🙂 And baby…who doesn’t want to see a cute baby?! Happy New Year!

  • SomeCallMeQ

    I loved this post! So many exciting things coming up for you!
    That your husband paid attention to the fabric of your dress amazes me. Mine is so obtuse to those sorts of details. If funny how different people are.
    Enjoy your vacation and yay baby! That’s coming so fast! The mothers in my life say the pain is worth it (obviously) and that you’ll forget that part quickly.

  • Margaret

    1. I can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet little baby! ❤️
    2. I saw the Hobbit on New Years Eve too. I saw it at the Cinebarre theater where you get to have your food delivered to you. So lazy but sooo nice. 🙂
    And 3. I didn’t know you were moving! Just nearby? Congratulations!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Sadly, it was sold out! The theater was unbelievably full, and about half the movies were sold out. So we wandered around a bit, and then just relaxed at home. If I haven’t had this baby by Tuesday, we might go see it then. (Our theater does $5 Tuesdays).

      Oh, yes! We’re going to move in April, since that’s when our lease is up. So not out of town, just to a different house! A house that is easier to baby-proof.

      • Margaret

        What theater was it?! I went to a $5 Tuesday too! We were in the second row, which was actually great because when I saw the Hunger Games we were in the front row… So the second row was soooo comfortable compared to that. 😉